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favored Big D locations?


“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?”
yes, i'm looking for everyone to reveal their favorite smallmouth spots on the Delaware!

it will be a few weeks before i can get my canoe moved out of storage. can anyone recommmend any good public access for wet wading? i think i'd like to stay close to home (Warren Co), so anything from the Rt78 bridge north to the Tocks Island area would be fine.

i'm checking the Nat'l Forest area just north of Rt80 on Google/VirtualEarth, as i would assume that area would have easy public access...
I'm going out this Saturday.

Seems to be (based on google) I found few good spots.

If they are good I'll PM you.

It's not trout so I don't really care about keeping them secret (even thought I'll not publish it on forum)
Going up to Barryville the weekend of the 17th hopefully I find time between canoeing with the wife and friends and drinking to test the smallie action.
I don't know if there are any "bad" spots. The usual summer pattern used to be runs/riffles in the summer, but with the floods and cool weather the pools seem to be doing good too.

Just a couple of the spots involving a walk so few people do it are around Foul Rift rapids and along the Jersey shore below Arrowhead Island.
If you want some of the best smallie action on the river you certainly don't need to leave the Warren County section of the Delaware River. On both sides of the river, from Portland/Columbia downstream to Easton/Phillipsburg, there are numerous good riffle/runs that hold many smallies. Plenty of public access too, though some takes a small amount of bushwhacking to get down into. Paulinskill confluence, Log Cabin Inn, King Cole Grove (NJ side), Foul Rift (public access on both NJ and PA side), PPL Martins Creek Boat Launch area (above the trestle), Riverside Barr & Grill area (PA side), Sandts Eddy Launch area(Pa side), Marble Hill area (NJ side), Getters Island/Easton Bridges area all have good smallie water to try.

One of my favorite smallie floats to do is between two boat launches in this section. Last season I got my first "flyrod 20 inch smallie" here. Good luck.
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