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Do you wear a back support?


Just finished a River Runs Through it!
A fully loaded fishing vest holding a rain jacket, water bottle, lunch and whatever else, plus a landing net, can have a toll on how an angler's back feels during a long fishing day. Several manufacturers make back supports to help overcome this problem. Do you wear one? If so, what brand and how well do you feel it helps?
Andy, GB mag is going global, and I need a geezer to write shit like this about back supports, and laxatives.

Whatsayou, gramps?
i dont wear one. I take breaks even if im not off stream i will sit for a while when the fishing slows. I hear some companies that used to give them to their employees no longer do. Found out it weakens the muscles instead of building them up.
I have used the same "shorty" vest for over 30 years and with a bad back I have not had a problem. I am loaded with flies and fly boxes, tippet material, the usual tools (scissors, nippers, leader straightener, etc.). I do not carry food in my vest (perhaps a water), and it is fairly light. I do believe that keeping the weight higher on my torso and not dragging heavy pockets down low eases the strain. I have used simple ace bandage type support for my lower back if it is sore and it helps somewhat but I still have to take frequent breaks. You may want to give the shorty or waste pack a try, or lighten your load if you can.