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Backpack fishing trip


New member
I'd like to plan a fly fishing trip for this summer but not sure where to go. I want to backpack into a remote area and spend a few days fishing. I'm having trouble finding a remote enough area with 12 or so hours from central ohio. Any tips on someplace where I could backpack into a creek, camp and probably not see another angler would be appreciated.

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SR Upper Fly Zone after November 30th, but before April 1st. I can assure you you will not see ONE other angler. A beautiful stretch of river too :)
What about Monongahela national forest? I just don't know what would be considered a good trout stream too

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Summer may be tough because you gotta remember that most remote streams are freestones that run lower/have the risk of getting warm during the trip. You would probably want to shoot for a late may/early june window to get the benefit of good weather but worthwhile fishing. Adirondacks in upstate new york is a good place to start looking into.
I agree with Fly14, the Adirondacks have a ton of great hike in fishing locations. The 5 ponds area and the st.regis canoe areas are great for seclusive camping and all host trout in their waters.

Id also look into the poconos in PA since it's closer to you. They have some good trout water.
I would check out Slate Run in Central PA. It is located in the Susquehannock State Forest which is very large, and the river carves out a pretty steep gorge. If you put in the leg-work, I'll bet you could find some real solitude. I've never been but it's been on my list for a few years.

It's supposed to be beautiful, with a strong population of wild fish. I've heard they can be difficult to fool....

It's less than 5 hours from central Ohio...