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2010 pike fly fishing trip

Pike Fly Guy

New member
2010 trip for trophy pike, lakers & grayling
<HR style="COLOR: #666600; BACKGROUND-COLOR: #666600" SIZE=1><!-- / icon and title --><!-- message -->Is any one interestred in a fly-fishing trip where 20# pike are a daily occurrence and 30# fish are a real possibility...+ big, eager Lake Trout are in shallow water & stream fishing for gorgeouys Arctic grayling"? Timberline Lodge, in far north Manitoba, is trying to promote a "fly-fishing" week at the end of their season, and if 8 or more flyfishers book, he may run a contest for largest fly-caught pike. The fish will be the heaviest and best condition of the season, and they will often be in shallow water, offering sight-casting to huge fish. Lots of goosebumps and shaky hands when you see those monsters rush you fly. Lakers are also storming the shallows, fattening up for spawing and the long winter. And fiesty Arctic grayling taking dries & nymphs in fast water offer a break from casting big flies. Shawn is offering a copy of my book, Toothy Critters Love Flies with your paid deposit, and I'll be at the lodge to help those interested with techniques for taking these huge fish, and lessons in tying the best pike flies ever. You can see more about me & the book at my web site: www(dot)PikeFlyGuy(dot)com.

The trip isn't cheap ($4,995 for 8 days), & there may be a 4 or 8 day option, but only extras are your air fare to Winnipeg, an overnight in Winnipeg, either on August 19 or Aug 27 (exact date not yet set), and tips & any personal expenses at the lodge. Meals, guides, even an open bar, are all included. You'll never have a better opportunity to take really record-size pike on a fly. And Timberline is a 5 Star operation.

Contact me at; pikeflyguy(at)aol(dot)com with any questions or to reserve a spot. I am NOT an agent for the lodge, and am not paid by them in any way. I AM trying to promote outstanding fly-fishing for pike, and this is one of the best spots there is!