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Your top 3 bass flies


Tight Loins
What are you top 3 bass flies?

I recently tied up my first Dahlberg diver and while it has great movement and produces an extremely ‘bassy’ gurgle when popped, I have yet to entice a bass with it in my last two trips. I am far from giving up on this fly, just shocked it didn’t produce on it’s very first swim.
My tops producers this summer are:

  1. Mouse Pattern
  2. Boring old purple and black wooly bugger
  3. Black Ghost

Next on my tying to-do list is the wiggle bugs.

So what’s been producing for you?
We use a lot of frog flies, poppers and clouser minows

dahlberg diver frog
and something like a clouser deep minnow.
woolly bugger also produces big time.

Wouldn't give up on Dahlberg diver. That should produce. There is some great info bass in all conditions here. Not much on fly's but still covers a ton. http://wiseangling.com/largemouth-bass-tips/

For largemouth, I like deer hair mice, deer hair frogs, and size 2 gurglers in white, yellow, or black. Generally fish on top in ponds for largemouth. June is a good month - fish are still shallow, are hungry post spawn, and the weeds aren't too bad.

For smallies, buggers, smaller gurglers, and pencil poppers. Most smallie fishing for me is down low with buggers. Like a few buggers in natural colors (like root beer bugger) for general use and a white or crystal bugger when they are on minnows (especially when shadlings are moving through the Delaware). Gurglers I fish all day, I like pencil poppers at night when smallies crash the shallows chasing minnows. Right up there are Clouser minnows. One could just fish Clousers all day and catch smallies.
Dahlberg divers all day long. But I also toss woolly buggers and Deceivers. Frog colored Dahlbergs are my go-to fly on top.