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PA Springs?


wanna be fly fisher.
Anyone know the conditions of the PA spring streams. I doubt they are too bad. I'm probably going to head up there tomorrow. Anyone going?
spring ceeks.

Dennis, went to the first one i showed you today. It was in good shape. Managed 4 browns but nothing on top. Andre
Yep, sure did! Caught a hadfull of small 9" browns, mostly on top using various Olives (pseudocleon). They were in abundance all day yesterday.

Flipped a few rocks and grabbed a few nymphs, took a few pictures, then while swashing around in the water on my knees a little bit, I noticed my Camera got a nice dunking. This poor camera has been through the mill more than once, but somehow it still works! Ok, so my camera was dunked... On my way back to the car I thought to myself, Let me make a phone call to check on the kids (try doing that 20 years ago!)... I reached into my pocket and guess what. Yep... My pocket with my cell phone in it was submerged. I just got the cell phone 2 weeks ago. Damn. Can a guy catch a break.

Needless to say, it was a nice day, very lite wind, mild weather, and blue sky's. What more could you ask for?!
Size 16's - 18's... No bigger, no smaller. Let me know where you go and how well you do. If you get out to PA, you'll notice the Pseudocleons on the water throught the entire day.
Thanks Dennis.... If I go I'll report back. Your report is very encouraging.

Sounds like the larger beatis, not those size 26 pseudo's one has to deal with later in the year! If my memory serves me correctly, pseudo's have been reclassified under Beatis. Anyway, who cares? Size 16 to 18 BWO is good enough for me.

I've just tied up some size 18 CDC emergers on light scud hooks. I'll bet they'll eat these like candy!