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Little Lehigh

Kenny Joe

The Flow
I am going to the Little Lehigh at the end of the month for my first time. To the "heritage stretch?" What can I expect??
What to expect? Alot of people!!!! :) The LL is a nice little stream if you can fish it when it's not so packed. The thing that really turned me off to it was when I saw people lined up on the banks with their fly rods while sitting in lawn chairs and hardly within an arms length from each other.
Yup, a huge crowd ... more like a zoo during the weekend. There are two things I would recommend...

1) fish during the weekday (that is a very nice stream and Andre pulled out some monsters)

2) Head further down, below the covered bridge. You can wade and there are some really nice pools too.
News from the Little Lehigh.

From my understanding, they were looking into putting in line directors like the ones they have at Disney / Six Flags / Dorney Park before you get onto a ride.

You'll be alloted 3 minutes of fishing per stretch, then you have to stand in line again to fish another stretch. An EZ pass feature will also be available for an additional fee of $5.00. This will not necessarily allow you to cut in front of everyone, but will allow you to scan your beach like pass (read about the beach pass later on) into a device. It will give you a ticket and let you know what time to come back. At this time you may jump in front of other anglers. The lines will of course appear to move rather quickly so a 20 - 30 minute or so wait will feel like only 5 minutes because of the televisions they will be putting on small trout shaped poles near each line displaying all types of Fly Fishing related information and safety tips, and food advertisments with directions to the cafe. That's right, I said, "CAFE'". Yes, they'll be adding a small Cafe' alongside the fly shop.

A very reasonably priced admission fee of $12.00 will be paid to the attendant working the small booth on your drive down the hill. This is only to enter the park. If you want to fish, an additional $12.00 fee must be paid when you check into the fly shop. *This includes your choice of 3 flies (retail value up to $1.95 each, doesn't include streamers / buggers...). You will be given a beach type badge valid for the entire day. Leaving the park will result in a 3.00 re-entry fee (Not too bad) should you want to come back.

As far as trash... If you brought it in, you take it out. Restrooms will be redone too. In order to use the stalls, .25 must be deposited, and you will have 5 minutes to complete your transaction before the bathroom attendent sends in a search party, unless of course you deposite another .25.

Anyone else hear of this news? If not, you know where you've heard it first.
I guess I will do a little hiking to get some solitude. Reminds me why I stopped fishing the South Branch of the Raritan River near Neshanic Station several years ago. There were about 10 guys
standing around a pool about 20'X10'.
By the way, the company outsourced to do this is also looking at the same type of idea at Cairns Pool on the Beaverkill, the pool above the bridge on the Pequest in, NJ, and the Saxton Falls area of the Musky in, NJ.

I'm really looking forward to opening day in NJ. I'll be out bright and early with my camera taking pictures at Saxton Falls. Hope to see ALL of you there. The more people the better.
After hearing about how great the LL heritage stretch was and putting off fishing in Pa. for 25 years, I finally made the pilgrimage about 5 years ago. I guess it really wasn't to bad of a day considering the heat in August. There were very few fisherman, maybe because the humidity was so high that my glasses constantly fogged and it was difficult to fish. Yes, I caught a few fish, but fishing in a park, from the bank is really not my idea of a quality experience. It reminded me of my early flyfishing days, fishing behind the Orange Pit on the Musky No Kill stretch. I love fishing Pa. wild trout waters, but just can't bring myself to go back to that stretch. jack