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lack of fish in lehigh


Fishizzle, I use worms but I'm looking to upgrade!
Stopped by the lehigh yesterday and flows were pretty nice and the air temps were in the 30's. Only saw a few fish rise and they were all concertrated in one area. Besides them i saw no fish on the banks or anywhere for that matter which is rare for this stream. Is their something negative happening to the stream or what because this section is containing less and less fish every year in my opinion and they are lacking in size as well. A man told me yestreday that the river contains only wild fish also and i found that hard to believe since their is a hatchery just upstream and some of those rainbows looked pretty much like pequest stockeis to me. ANy answers ?
Fly, I was at the Lehigh yesterday. Did you have on a grey sweatshirt? If so I fished near by the bridge by the shop. As far as fish go I think they are still there just spread out more. I saw a "huge" fish rise yesterday in the flat where everybody was. No those aren't all wild fish and my guess is about 80% of the fish in the frirst 2 pools are escapees. down below I think you get more wild fish.
yes that was me i wasnt sure if that was you but i thought it might since u do look an awful lot like your picture. NExt time ill make sure to say hi. Didnt want to make a fool out of my self and appraoch a man who thought i was crazy.

I would have never guessed. Did see you bringing in a fish by the bridge. I will probably be out there this weekend if your interested. Andre
There is an invisible fence that keeps all the wild fish in & stocked fish out. The man, ( was it Rod who runs the shop?) that told you there all wild fish is right to the extent the don't put any fish in the Heritage stretch, but thats only a mile, and with the Hatchery right there ..stuff happens. By the way, don't be dissin those Pequest Steelheads. There as wild as anything you will catch anywhere. This fish snubbery cracks me up. There all from hatcherys or the mama & papa where from hatcherys. Everyone thinks they take a truck and dump zillions of 20 inch fish in the pequest. No they dump zillions of little fish, that certainly grow to extremes in that river and as many will argue, summer most probably in the Deleware. Yes they can get up the Dam. Why does every one want to discount fish that are easy to locate & fish? I think its nice to have a spot one can get a great bend in the rod. Yes the scenery elsewhere makes everything seem wilder, and the multigeneration , Holdovers and " Wild " fish have some pretty cool varigated colors...But there still just Trout..Have fun go to the pequest..hook up one of the real silver torpedos in there.
Sorry I have to vent , when ever anyone nocks the Pequest or Connetqout or Lehigh, I skitz.
I agree , its more rewarding to hunt out fish that are more challenging in remote areas...but..its the same fish...

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