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KLG report from 5/14/15


New member
So I went back to the Gorge with my pal Tim and didn't get there until 5:00 PM. What a difference time of day seemed to make! Bugs of many different varieties and plenty of them, and even some rising fish. Fished a 14 tan caddis with a variety of droppers. As per the Shannon's report's advice, I kept my leader and fly line off the water and "highsticked" my dry. Very good method in this low water. Hooked a ton of stockies, but also lots of browns and some of the bigger "loopers." Awesome three hours of fishing, probably moved 30 or so.


The only thing left should be foot prints.
I had a good day also. Lost count. Water was in the upper 50s in the morning and up to lower to mid 60s in the afternoon . I started to play with my video camera. I took some shots here is a few of the segments I took . I still have to adjust getting the angles right.