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It's WAR

Sounds like someone is pissed off because they are only surface owners and they can't reap the rewards from the mineral estate.

Happens a lot. Only time will tell.

Propubica, you have to wonder????

Good points (as much as I hate to admit it! :fart:)
Gotta wonder if the current owner bothered to investigate the mineral rights before he purchased? Kind of like looking at a condo at nite, then realizing after you move in there is an abutting easement w/ steel power transmission towers and a gas pipeline right outside every window?
Or, the best is when the real estate salesperson's directions to the condo complex frequently say "follow the signs for RACETRACK", and then you and your neighbors petition to close a racetrack that's been in business for 40+ years..."but they weren't racing on tuesday nite when i went to look at it...that's just not right...".

Still, if there is baseline data that show NO contaminants, then they appear...let's hope the landowner had someone else do his testing instead of trying to save a few dollars by collecting the test material himself.