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Introductions w pronouns

I think it would be cool if we all reintroduced ourselves and also stated our preferred pronouns.

Dennis, I think this is part of the problem with NEFF. Lots of us use they/them pronouns, and it hurts a lot to be misgendered.

Perhaps we could also add a thumbs down for “microaggressions,” and add a designated safe space that doesn’t allow posts by he/hims?

Let’s fix this asap.
ARe you sure you used xir correctly there? You wrote that I use he/him pronouns -all good but THEN you are referring to me as xir?

I think I've been TRIGGERED... CABARLE, get this bully outta here!
Very good to hear. The days of the white male colonizer is over.

Nobody likes being colonized.

But a few of us like being colonised, if you know what i mean. And it’s time we felt safe saying so.