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I'll be at Camelback this weekend. Should I get a one day PA license and find some water? I won't have too much time and won't be back in PA anytime soon. It looks lie 26.90 for the license and 9.90 for the trout/salmon permit. That's pricey for a couple of hours on brookie stream. Let me know if I'm not aware of something that must be explored in the area.

$37 for a few hours? You must have Rusty Spinner money.

Seriously? How much are greens fees? Lift ticket etc
I wouldn't know much about greens fees or lift ticekts. I'm a fisherman. I assume that they are usually charged by businesses trying to make a profit on their investment. A trout stream is not. Point is taken anyway.
brodhead or mcmichaels hold wild and stocked fish. worth every penny.

Normally these would be great options. Right now they are running high. You can check pocono creek which is very close to camelback. It could be low enough to fish
I was at McMichael today, it was high, not much happening.