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Hi guys. My name is Nick Sulkowski, I'm a real person. I care about you and I'm not spamming you!!! I promise. In fact I will give my email address and cell phone number to anyone who asks me for it via PM.

I designed a device for safely catching and viewing insects and then releasing them back into their habitat unharmed.

It is something of very real value that I think, being insect enthusiasts, you might appreciate.

If I'm right, then reaching out to you with this gives the opportunity for your lives to be enriched.

Plus... I need feedback as to whether this thing has potential.

I've got it up on Kickstarter. Here is the link: Please read about it and watch the video. Let me know what you think. Could an entomology enthusiast use one of these?

LINK: BugAlien - The Galactic Creature Eater. Made in USA by Nicholas Sulkowski — Kickstarter

Thanks so much to all of you,
I'm very conscious of how valuable your time is, and I'm grateful to you for checking this out. I hope it can be something you can use.
Nick Sulkowski - Phoenix AZ.