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Bass fishing in southern Canada


New member
Thinking of taking a week fishing LM and SM trip to southern Canada just north of Alexandria Bay/Rt 81 beginning of August
Around Chaffey's Locks/Westport/Perth/Kingston area.
Anyone have any suggestions of lakes to fish(I have a15ft jon boat) and places to stay?
Any help/suggestions will be appreciated


Trout Hunter
I used to fish the Rideau chain (mostly Sand and Opinicon Lakes) years ago for bass, with a little pike fishing thrown in for good measure (but the bigger pike are hard to find in August). Most lakes seem roughly the same to me. Some lakes have lakers in them too and modern jig techniques using 3/4 to 1 oz jigs with plastic (Zoom flukes, tubes in white and green/white) may bring up a couple - back in the day it was trolling with lead core line which is dull. Not sure which lake is hot, but one thing we tried to avoid in August was lakes that had turned into pea soup with the algal bloom. The fishing was slow then, especially on the mid lake bars.

Not sure of which lodges are still in business, but that area is the home of old time fishing lodges with clean simple accomodations and good, simple home cooking. It is like going back 40 years at some spots, and the prices aren't bad.
When I was a kid Lake of the Isles was killer for Northern Pike. They would come out of the lake grass and slam your lure. It'd probably be awesome to swing big streamers on. Fresh water flats!