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9'6" 6wt Sage ONE build - Jan 2013


Dries, wets, nymphs and streamers...it's all good!
A few months back I put up a post about messing up my knee, having the final "crunch" happen when out on a 3.5 mile run. It turns out I tore my meniscus in my left knee, which translates into arthroscopic surgery. I'll be out of work from the surgery for a week and a half so what better time to build my next rod. Surgery is scheduled for January 8th.

This summer, I fished the Rapid River in Maine for a week and had a great time. I was outgunned by the landlocks and brookies using a 5wt and had to borrow a 6wt from a buddy for the week. For the first time, I have a reason for a 6wt, and I love the action of the ONE rod. The Xi2 blank sold within a day on another site and I had some other money set aside for this build. Anglers Habitat had a Black Friday special, 15% off all kits. The entire kit cost $360 including shipping. Not bad for a rod that costs $780 from any retailer. $420 is a chunk of change to save building your own rod, and I encourage you guys to give it a try!

While it'll still be a month and a half until I begin, I figured I'd put a post up about it in anticipation. I haven't built a rod since last spring, so I am looking forward to it and need to figure out how I will add LyNcH style to it.
Looking forward to your posts as you progress with the build. Isn't jogging supposed to make you more healthy? Whatever the hell a meniscus is, i think mine are doing just fine.
Looking forward to your posts as you progress with the build. Isn't jogging supposed to make you more healthy? Whatever the hell a meniscus is, i think mine are doing just fine.

Best way to describe it is it's a pad/shock absorber between your knee joints that gets little to no blood, so when it tears, it won't heal. It typically tears when doing twisting motions under pressure, which is how it started the weekend before when moving 2 tons of wood pellets, the run just finished the job..... It happened to my right knee in 2005 when we were building the house. It got bad enough that my knee locked at 90 degrees until the surgery, I don't want this one to get to that point so snipping they will go. It's a simple procedure, I'm just glad it's not a ligament issue......maybe next year.

You'll know it when you tear it. Glad to hear yours are doing well.

TT - I took this picture in Mexico just for you. I figured you would appreciate the fine smoke.

Where in that shitty little country were you? Nice pic!!! Great cigar, what did it cost you down there? In the 3 times that I have strayed from the US of A I have found the price of Cuban Cigars to be outrageous, I guess because I was at tourist areas well sequestered from the locals which is better for everyone involved.

Im excited to see this build...

Sold a few of my 9'6'' rods and I kick myself...Nothing like 10' for high stickin' and nothing outguns my 9' 6wt axis and loomis cross current, but there are times I find myself needing that extra 6''...and somtimes a few inches less than 10' for the "tighter" areas...

The ONE is ONE hell of a rod!
The blank and building components arrived today. I'll open the package up Monday when i return home from fishing. I'll post pics of what we are starting with.

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This thing built yet? lets see some damn pictures already!

I've been lazy. The blank is still in it's original wrapper. I've been procrastinating because I don't need it until June 22nd for my week long trip on the Rapid River in Maine.

I hope to start it in February.........
The rod is finally done and ready to fish the Rapid River in Maine next week.

Nothing special with this build. Simple black thread wraps, black guides and a feather inlay........pic taken in poor lighting with a cell phone. The epoxy finish is not as smooth as all my other builds. I think the bottles have met their shelf life.

I like the chicabou feather inlay. Adds a nice touch to the nymphing rod

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This one its for dry flies and streamers, the 99 is my nymph rod.

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