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Rod care

Eagle Claw

Trout Hunter
I know most of you clean lines before the season and some during the season but wondering if I am the only one obsessed with cleaning my rods. I am sitting here with all my rods, Armor All and a soft cloth giving my rods a good wipe down, including the guides and under them, then the reel seat threads. Just think of all the residue on your rods from paste floatant and eating a nice greasy sandwich before hitting the stream. I think a slick rod and clean lines go together. During the year minute crap can accumulate around the guides. Nothing like a nice shiny clean rod and lines to start the season. Anyone else clean rods on a regular basis ?
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I clean my rods up at the end of the season. Sometimes with Armor All like you do, Eagle Claw, other times with a liquid or spray wax. The rod itself. I have single foot SIC guides and stripper guides on my rods, I'll run a cloth through the eyes. Clean up the grips, check out the reel seats. Clean the lines, check out the braided loop connections. Check my thread furled leaders, retreat them with floatant and wait for the weather to warm up. The only time I clean them after use is if I do some salt water fishing, then the rods and reels get washed down and I clean the line.
I think they cast better with clean guides, or maybe its like when you leave the car wash and think the car drives better clean :)
Only on my river pikes rod. The silt is so bad that you actually get a mud slick on the rod from contact with the line. Of course the line requires cleaning too.
I use a bleach free glass cleaner and a clean cloth. Preferably the spray foam glass cleaner from Sams Club and a microfiber cloth.

Unfortunately I don’t fish enough to get mine dirty anymore.