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PA Spring Creek Yesterday


Yellowstone Cutthroat
I hit a Springer in Pa yesterday and arrived very dissapointed. The water was high and slightly off color. So i started dredging the bottom and caught a few.

Then however in the afternoon fish started rising, you wouldn't see them until they where about and inch or two below the surface but they were rising.

So I thre on a size 20 Gnat and had a great hour of dry fly fishing. I could not believe they were rising in that discolored water, but it made my day.

My first day out of 2004 and I got to throw some drys, I hope have this much luck the rest of the season.

Tryg, found a lot of rising fish but they were all pretty small. Did manage a decent fish nymphing though. Doesn't sound like there is going to be fishing for a while.
Thats funny I caught a few around 12 inches yesterday on top and there were bigger ones rising.

Yeah it seems the rain is going to really blow the streams out.

Good to see you had some luck.