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NJ Wild Trout Streams


New member
Looking to start fly fishing the Wild Trout Streams in NJ - anyone have a list they can share, and any advice with access
If ur in north jersey try the upper wallkill. Just know that is flows northward so the “upper” starts in nj. Or the big flat brook and it’s tribe. I’m too far from the bfb and it’s tribs to warrant me getting a nj lioscense and driving there as opposed to a shorter or equal drive to better streams near me in ny. I’ve gone to the bfb I think 2ce. It wasn’t great fishing for me, and it where I went it was a very low gradient, more like a farm stream. But ppl on this site rave about it, prob cause they don’t have a neversink or mongaup near them like I do. The little flat brook I’ve heard is good and van campens brook has popped up on this site with good reviews. Although van camp apparently has a lot of summer swimmers and picnicers. Message rusty spinner on this site with ur general location and he might throw you a bone. Other than that you gotta do ur own research. Google is ur best friend with that. Best I’ve found is look for blogs (most of them old cause ppl don’t blog anymore) or YouTube vids of ppl looking for wts and see how they did that’s ur best bet. Topographic then satellite maps too. Find a stream and mtns near you and follow the blue line into the mountains. If it has a bog/swamp at its headwaters it’s prob just sunny and chub water skip over it. Although a really good wt stream near me starts in a swamp. But then falls like 600+ feet in about 2 miles so it gets a lot of cold water seeps. Not stocked all wild. A gem of a creek surrounded by warm water, for the most part
The ones the State knows about are listed ...

For "wild" trout look for streams listed as "Trout Production" (TP) waters, but be aware that quite a few are so small you could step over them.
Or (easier)
If you scroll down to "Part 2" they focus on trout production waters and list the species they found.
Again some may be too small to be fishable w/o extreme stealth, and the fish can be quite small.