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New to area. Looking for a Fall trip near NYC.


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I'm recently relocated to Manhattan from Buffalo, New York, where we have some pretty resepctable trout, salmon, steelhead fishing. I grew up fishing both 18 Mile Creeks (Lakes Erie and Ontario), Cattaraugus, The Niagra River, Gennessee River, and Oak Orchard Creek, as well as dozens of small trout streams throughout the Western Southern Tier of the state. I've driven trhough Roscoe, NY, and fished the Delaware once about 10 years ago, but I don't know my way around the region too much, and with job/family obligations I don't have time to explore too much.

I'm thinking about a trip to fish Beaverkill/Willowemoc around mid-October and looking for advice on where to stay, where to fish, fly selection, etc. Ideally, I'd like a small rental cabin -- someplace where I can burn a little campfire at night -- on or very, very close to the water. Obviously it has to be someplace where there are some fish too. Also, I'm not married to the idea of Beaverkill/Willowemoc either. I've read in this forum that Esopus has a Fall run that might be worth checking out.



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Go to the Esopus and fish from Boiceville to the Portal. easy access all along Rt. 28. The big browns (big for these parts, not Great Lakes big) are beggining to show now. I know an excellent guide who will put you on fish. If your interested let me know and I'll pass along the info. A few good campgrounds can be found online along with some state land that allows camping. Flies, same as the trout / salmon stuff your using upstate. Egg Imitations Streamers, etc. I was up for the last two days and did well. Enjoy.
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The Roscoe Motel is right on the Beaverkill, but it doesn't have a fireplace - I don't know of any motels up there that do.

You can also try the Reynolds House (or Motel).

Fly Fishing The Beaverkill by Eric Peper and Gary Lafontaine is an excellent, inexpensive guide book.

I'd recommend fishing the Beaverkill. Access to the stream is easy. Just drive along Old 17; and the Beaverkill is the birthplace of fly fishing in America.



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Dude go salt your just a short drive out to the montauk area. Your salmon rod and reels should work there if you have an 8wt or heavier. hook an Albie and you'll never think steel head again. I did the opposite and moved from the salt area, I MISS IT.