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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

Little Lehigh today


The Bamboo Guy!
Ill be the guy in grey sweatshirt, jeans and Richardson chest box, if anyone's out there. Oh yeah I look like my picture.
I would love to make it. I was going to go to the Cold Water thing today, but was reminded on Thursday of my Daughters birthday party. Damn. Catch one for me, Andre!
I would give anything to be out there right now. Unfortunately, I have no way of getting out there.. Good luck
Oops! forgot about the cold water conference. Maybe next time. Did do well fishing today but forgot the camera. Water levels are going down and I think midges will get the fish back on top soon if it doesn't rain to hard. Saw a few fish rising today. Haven't seen that for a while with the high water.
Temps look like there going up tommorow with little wind, should be a break in my streak, gotta get out there, its always good to hear about fish...