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Killer Pattern - Hyde Low Rider - Diving Mayfly Spinner w/Egg Sac

A fourth killer personal pattern that you may not have in your arsenal.

This particular pattern works very well during intense spinner falls, garbage feeding time or typical wet fly drifting to finicky feeders. My regards to Mr. Gary Lafontaine and Brian Clarke/John Goddard. I can only recall reading two written references in 70's and 80's (early 90's) to the behavior of trout feeding on diving mayfly spinners. My variation is a Diving Blue-Winged Olive Egg Layer with and Egg Sac. My intent is to keep the minimalist design to insure that the abdomen has realistic color and body profile.

This is a proven trout variation of the Diving BWO Egg Layer that you probably will not find in most fly fisherman's boxes.

What is the use of having good patterns and this knowledge if it isn't shared?

Pattern: Diving Mayfly Spinner with Egg Sac

Insect it Imitates: Diving Mayfly Spinner with Egg Sac or Drowned Mayfly Spinner with Egg Sac

Where to Fish It?: Works in Freestones/ Tailwaters / Limestoners Across U.S.

How to Fish it: Dead drifted, Leisenring Lift

Hook: I prefer TMC Small Curved Wet fly hooks

Thread: 6/0 Oive or Light Olive. Choose based upon color scheme.

Egg Sac - Very small tag of Apple Green or Orange or Lemon Yellow - depending on coloration of egg sac you want to mimic. I pull a strand of Sparkle Yarn, catch the strand by a turn or three of thread, pull yarn towards eye and leave a small bubble/tag as egg sac.

Abdomen/Body - I touch dub waxed thread very lightly, then roll / compress dubbing/fur to a minimal compressed dub. Wrap dubbing tightly to keep a tight compressed design - SLEEK - like a mayfly spinner body.
The use of a biot may be a good choice as well as the fiber creates a realistic profile, incorporates a natural material, provides segmentation. The biot is a strong material and provides a large selection of color choices.

Emerger Wing: *(Preference) Clear Sparkle Yarn as 1st wing layer, top with soft hen hackle fibers - I used a very light dun coloration for my olive design (as shown)

Thorax/Head: * Touch Dub abdomen. I may wrap a small hackle (one or two turns) over thorax/head.

Key considerations: Make sure that the clear sparkle yarn wing is not thick - just want whisper of fibers - same with overlay of hen fibers - not thick.

Pics of completed fly and biot fiber examples:





Quick Story about Effectiveness and Theory Behind Fly:

This pattern has knocked them dead on various fisheries including the Delaware, Beaver Kill, Yellow Breeches, Pine Creek, Hunting Creek, GunPowder River, Savage River, Spring Creek. I typically use this pattern during sight fishing to finicky trout or for complex long drifts over pod of fish when regular spinner patterns are ignored. If I realize the that the trout are being extra critical, this may be the ticket. I especially like to use this fly during Baetis or Paraleptophlebia adoptiva spinner falls where complex hatching of many flies and / or intense feeding by ultra selective trout require a different approach.

One particular episode includes a typical day on the Mainstem of the Delaware just above Knights Pool while covering some bank feeders. The trout were rolling, but I could not figure out - hard to believe on the Delaware - what they were focused on at that moment. I clipped on a BWO spinner and sank the fly under with a few small pieces of shot and dead drifted the fly thru the pod. The take were so subtle that I could not believe these browns were being so leisurely during the take.

Tight lines,