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I can't wait to take out my new stick!!!!!!!!!


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I have jetty jocked since 97, and i have never really had a true saltwater flyrod.I used a Gloomis GL4 9' 9wt which is my Salmon / Steelhead rod because thats all i had.I also have three Billy Pate Bonefish Anti Reverse reels, each has different line on it{ i used to fish out of a boat w a guide @ Cape Cod} a floater for using gurglers and poppers, a Teeny 350 saltwater line, and a Monic slime line intermediate.
Well I got a GLoomis GLX 9' 10wt 4pc . I hope this solves the damn wind dilema.
What do you guys use?

Tight Wraps & Tight Lines
Rick Wallace
Hey Rick...I gotta Sage DS2 9' 10wt, nothing fancy but gets the job done... Just use the SA Intermediate "striper" line...

Let me know if you're heading out to the salt and need someone to help with the gas...
Phil, im not sure how the jetties do right now during summer, my slatwater up in new england used to be the first three weeks of june, no i didnt fish all three weeks, just that i used those to keep open for scheduling vacation.I have to find out how or what i need to do for stuff in my 4runner for Island Beach Permit. I would like to do the hook, i have yet to fish there.
If i take you you can meet me half way with the day permit and parkway/turnpike fees, gas either way im payin for it to go fish be it with you or by myself.Ill get the gas. Maybe get some Wegmans hoagies an water go halfs.
i usually do Jersey in the Fall.
Tight Wraps & Tight Lines
Rick Wallace
Hey Rick...yea man I'm down. I'm good to split the permit, tolls, and gas...especially if it saves the hike to the North Jetty on IBSP (that sucks with corkers on).
I've been wanting to try the spring action but only have made it out there in the fall...
Also down for the hook...only went there once and got the skunk...

It will be a little bit yet for the Striped ones.
get your self a 350 grain sinking line ,need to get down
I will start working the Hook in mid oct.
I found that changing from a floating to an intermediate line it helped tremendously with wind problems. I just got the g loomis NRX 9' 9wt and love it. Rio outbound helps too.
Old thread, but I never use a floating line for the salt here in NJ, even if I'm using poppers. I would say that 90% of my line used is an intermediate sink head with fast and super fast sink shooting heads taking up the remaining 10% of my use. I like a two-hand rod for the salt because I can cast nearly twice as far as a one-hander.
Only place I use a floater in Saltwater is up on Cape Cod, Locally in Jersey I use a Teeny 350 Saltwater, or an Airflo Depth Charge 400 ,and a Monic Slimeline Intermediate. I recently aquired a Scott G 14' 9wt Spey rod, I also bought a Rio GrandSpey 8/9 long belly floater for Salmon/Steelhead .I prefer a long belly for freshwater....looks like i will need to get a multi tip system for Salt if i am going to use a Spey rod.
I prefer a at least a 10 ft rod in the saltwater. That SA striper line sucks a fat one btw. Airflow is where its at for salt and floating line does not make sense in saltwater unless you are using something tiny that you want near the top but who fishes tiny flies in salt makes no sense.
Glx are still great Saltwater rods too.Mine is an original. If i had the moeny i'd buy a 9weight NRX,also a Spey in 7/8.
I've been using an older Sage RPLXi 10wt but have been thinking about selling it and getting an Xi3. Also have been seriously considering going the two handed route for the surf and have been looking at the Beulah Beach rods to save wear and tear on the shoulder.
For lines right now I have the Rio Striper intermediate line which seems to coil up more than it should in anything less than warm weather. It's pissing me off but I hate to replace it because I feel like I'm throwing 80 bucks out the window. I also have an Orvis Depth Charge 350 grain sinking line which I need to spool up because the fish right now seem to like the fly fished deeper and a little slower.
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Simms ,
I have a GL4 9' 9weight 2 pc its my Salmon/Steelhead/Striper rod I had since they introduced the GL4. It was custom built by a friend of mine I really think this is their best Great Lakes Salmon/Steelhead action/rod...currently i bet the Native series is also a great bunch of rods as well YMMV. The GL4 has caught a ton of Salmon/Steelhead and Stripers. This spring i aquired a GLoomis GLX 9' 10 weight 4 pc .It is a factory rod an was made when GLoomis was Gloomis before the Shimano buyout. I guess that makes it calssic classic ....not sure. I do know its a rocket. I also know that the rod was only fished once an cast a handfull of times before that .I love GLoomis rods, I also have a few favorites from other manufacturers as well.
If i had a job an good money coming in I would be buying a few sticks this winter. I would definitely go check out a GLoomis NRX, if I didnt like that I'd try Ebay an hunt for a GLoomis GLX in 10 foot lengths for 8,9,and 10wts i do know they made them that long.
IMHO the GL4 is not as capable throwing into the wind with sinking or Teeny lines...really have to work .I have fished a friend's GLX before i had mine an know it beats the shitty wind down and throws line like a rocket launched towards space.
One of my favorite rods is my 7weight 10' Loomis Native Run. PURE SEX!

My 11' 8wt native run switch comes in at a close second.

That GL4 surely is a rocket ship, Rick. Love that rod. NRX is stiffer than a honey moon prick.
I was understanding that the NAtive Run series was great for Great Lakes Trib fishing. Unless its a 10'er or longer now i wont buy another rod for up there. I really think that 10 ers are the way to go up there,I also think Switch rods are also a great tool depending where you go. Spey rods also have their spots..on the Salmon i would say from Pineville downstream..above that no good...switch or tenfooter way better.
You're welcome to take my native's for a spin if you want..Just be careful and exit only is exit only. The Chief hates when some members of his tribe comes back bow-legged.
I'm just posting to this thread because it has a provocative name and because for a long time I haven't been able to start my own thread on this POS website. (memory storage overload something something)

w/ apologies to DC - it's a great site. But think about how much greater it would be if I could start threads. ;)

This is a question about saltwater. I'll be down in the Island Beach State Park area this weekend. I'm bringing an 8-weight with two lines, floating and full sinking, and a 6-weight with a sink tip. I've got a bunch of clousers in different colors and some other stuff that looked salty to me, but in case it's not clear yet, I don't know fuckall about fishing saltwater.

What flies should I be throwing? With what? And where: on the bayside or the beachside?

I don't care about trying to land a giant striper, because that's not going to happen. I would be more than content with a couple of weakfish, small blues, even whiting or flounder for the table would be welcome.

Just totally clueless here.
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Fluke is closed for the year. I cant really help you when it comes to sw fly fishing. Seems like a tough way to fish the surf to me. There are a few guys here who have some knowledge on the subject like Rusty and Trico Mike. The only thing I can say is go really early or really late.
Yes...I can add my knowledge of saltwater fly fishing...
1. Tie a good knot
2. Make sure your hook is sharp
3. make sure the fly gets in the water and looks like food..
Good luck!!!!!