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Gatti rods

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What is the model Gatti rod model that Mark and others have raved about. I am looking for a 5 wt 3 or four piece with some real power for wind,streamers and nymphing with weight. I looked up Gatti rods on the net and they have all kinds of models and dont know where to start.
Arnold i haven't seem the newest models, so i'm not sure about the model nmbers. Up until say a year ago, the main two models everyone had were either a PA, (progressive action/med. fast) or a TA, (tip action/fast). Mine is a PA, and i've heard the TA is extremely fast. Something like the G.Loomis GLX, (the originall, not the newer ones) the old one. I also hear that the newest Gatti rods are even faster, if that's possible. I am in contact with Sandro Gatti now............i was going to put them in the shop i almost got invovlved with. And i still may become a Gatti dealer. As soon as i find out more, i'll let you know. mark..........:cool:
Arnold, my man Dave Ulmer (slicfoot) a host in the Hut over at FAOL will be bringing several Gatti rods with him to the Gathering in June. Actually i expect he'll be here by May 30th or earlier. He always shows early for these type "events." He is bringing the rods for people to try out and see if they like them. They ALWAYS do. There's nothing like a Gatti man.........nothing. Look forward. mark.........
I'll be in Roscoe several of those days, and you're welcome to try out my rods as well. I have an FR 864 3PA, an FR 905 3PA, and an FR 906 TA. They are my favorite rods.
I was thinking about building a rod using a Gatti blank because the price seemed very reasonable , but didn't know anything about them. It sounds like they have the Willowhead seal of approval.

Are the new PA & TA blanks blue? I seem to remember the blanks I was looking at were blue, but maybe they were an older model.

Bob, we got the same rod. The FR 905 3PA man i LOVE that rod. I want to get the other one you have, the FR 906 TA. I almost bought one from a guy who fishes the Big D. a LOT. But i found out it had been broken and fixed..........so i balked. Jeeze i wish i could just wake up tomorrow and have it be April 15th. "All good things...................................." mark..............p.s. Arnold, glad you made your reservations early, VERY smart.:cool:
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I was playing with some of my rods in the snow a day or two ago and was comparing everything I have with each other. Somthing interesting-The first rod I ever owned which was a 6 wt LL Bean for $160 cast 50-60 feet. My Sage RPL 4 wt also cast 50-60 feet,my 4 wt sage xp same thing,my Orvis Trident 5 wt same thing and my Loomis 5 wt same thing. So this got me wondering, what the heck am I trying to acomplish with this rod mania ?
Now back to Gatti, is it just a nice feel or do they cast further ?
It seems that with proper casting basics all rods cast about the same distance. So what specificly is a Gatti or any other rod going to do for me that I cant do with everything else ?I am starting to wonder if all this new rod stuff is just some king of a sickness. Even my no name 3 wt cast 50 feet.
I can cast any "5wt" rod with accuracy and distance.The only thing the "better rod" offers the angler is feel.If you like soft med or fast take you pick.I have an old no name and orvis clearwater that I used on the D and always made the cast.

The better rods make it easier in some cases,and may give you a bit more distance ,but how often do you cast 100 ft plus to a rising fish?

Its all about your style and what you like.thats why I never ever push a rod on someone unless I know exactly what there looking for and even than I always suggest using one first.

Theres a great website on Gattis.Just go to google and type gatti flyrods and theres plenty of info.
Thanks, that's the conclusion I was coming to. Still want to try a Gatti but will always ask myself when I see advertising about the latest and greatest rods on the market "is it really worth it" when spending 500 to 700 for a new rod. I have been disappointed too many times. I think the only way to compare is with both your old rod and the new prospect in your hands at the same time side by side. Too many times I have heard hype and got it in my head that a rod is the best thing out there only to find out later when testing side by side that the diferance is only slight and most of it was in my head because I had the newest in my hand.
Check out this link for some info about the blanks and their characteristics: Gatti Blanks

Check out the FRC's... Wow - a 9' 2 weight? Ooooo... I'm am SO tempted to build one.

It sounds like that thing might just... just might... drop a wee dry fly to the surface film like a dust mote trapped on the tip of the finest gossamer spider web, wafting in a soft current of air...

Ahhh... but I wax poetic... somebody pinch me forthwith, for I shan't... OW! Oh yeah, that's right - I'm broke! :(
Nice Scott.............i hearded it, and i likeded it. Arnold sorry, but you know how it is on weekends. I'm making up for lost time with my wife. And we've always got somethin' goin'.........litterally AND figurtively. Bout all i can tell you is that the very first time i ever layed down a cast with my Gatti, it was about 20 ft. further than any good cast i had ever made before. And i was standing in front of a whole bunch of really good casters (of which i am not) at a Fish-IN. So i was nervous. But that experience was so much fun. I looked good, LMAO. I bought it less than an hour later. I'm an impulse buyer, but i hardly EVER regret buying what i buy. And my Gatti is one of the best purchases i ever made. Just wait til the Gathering and compare side by side like you said. Bingo. mark
I will definitly try it and I am convinced it is the only way to compare rods with what one has.Sounds like it may really impress me, thanks. Now you have my permission to make up for lost time.
Gatti Rods

Hello Mark,

Did you ever get that Gatti 906 3PA? The one I was trying to sell you had a new tip and the repaired tip. I sold the rod just a couple years ago to a guy on Troutnut.com for $150. I still have the miracle wrapped repaired tip. If you know anyone with that rod I'd give it to them for free. But they would have to come and pick it up at my place on the West Branch.

I've just posted two new Gatti's; a FR865 3PA and a FR107 3PA both are customs that I built for myself and never fished. I still have a FR805TA custom, FR864 3PA custom, FR904 3PA factory, FR905TA custom, FRHP905TA custom, FR906 3PA custom, FR907TA factory, and a FR908TA custom. I still use the 904, 906, and 907 often. The others I use once in a while.


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