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Flies to use this time of the year


Catskill Junky
Dry fly fishing in New Jersey in February can be challenging because the water temperature is typically cold and there are fewer hatches. However, some good dry fly patterns to try during this time of year include midges, blue-winged olives, and winter stoneflies.

For midges, try using small patterns in sizes 20 to 24, such as the Griffith's Gnat, Parachute Midge, or Zebra Midge. For blue-winged olives, try using patterns in sizes 18 to 22, such as the Parachute BWO, Sparkle Dun BWO, or Adams. For winter stoneflies, try using patterns in sizes 12 to 16, such as the Black Stonefly, Rubber-Leg Stonefly, or Kaufmann's Stimulator.

It's important to match the size and color of your fly to the insects that are present in the water, and to pay attention to the behavior of the fish to determine what they are feeding on. Additionally, using light tippets and longer leaders can help to improve your chances of success when dry fly fishing in cold water.


A fan of Boobery
I would suggest going even smaller on the black stonefly patterns, the ones hatching now are tiny.