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Fishing Staten Island Lakes - Where Should I Go?


New member
I'm interested in fly fishing in Staten Island. I was thinking of trying one of the lakes, but I'm concerned that they're tree-lined and I won't have enough room
to make a back cast.

Is there back cast room on the banks of any of the lakes?




Learning Latin
I'd really be in trouble without GOOGLE...............


I also found these:
Clove Lake - Clove Lakes Park, Staten Island

A long, narrow lake that is a dream come true for any angler who loves fishing for catfish. It is the most abundant species in Clove Lake, making it the undisputed lake of choice for any catfish angler in NYC.

Wolfe's Pond - Wolfe's Pond Park, Staten Island

A favorite location for conservationists and anyone who wants to get out of NYC for a while without actually leaving the city. A wooded shoreline with plenty of cover and lily pads galore makes for great bass fishing in a secluded spot.

I also saw somewhere that Silver Lake Reservoir is good for Bass