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CORK HELP! Need a SMALL full wells grip!


New member
Hey Guys,

My father's new T&T blank arrived the other day so I am the midst of building it. I have the real seat and titanium recoil guides, however I have been unsuccessful at finding a full wells grip SMALL enough for the 4 weight. Obviously the full wells for the bigger weight rods are a dime a dozen, however a full wells the size of the ones on the 3 4 and 5 weight SAGE ONE"s would be awesome. If anyone could direct me to where i can find said cork, that would be great, thanks!!!!!
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Yes I did thank you. Unfortunately, all the full wells grips shown on their site have a 1'' or 1 1/8 OD at mid length...Looking for 3/4''-ish
I don't believe you'll find one in those dimensions, if you pm be the dimensions you want I could turn one down for you.
I like a thin grip on all my rods, what I do is put the but section in a rod spinner and take the grip down with a ribbon of sand paper wrapped around. You can get gust where you like it...Use fine sand paper, cork sands away much faster than wood...
Do you have any photos to show us your progress? Nice to see others building rods.
You need a good cork soaker. I understand beetle is for hire.

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