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CJTU News Letter Idea.


Here's an idea I got from the latest TU News letter. If you're a TU Member, they usually mail you return address mailing lables. I used to throw these away but now after reading the newsletter, I have a great use for them.

Stick one of them on your rod under your reel seat and one on the reel itself, where it attaches to the rod. This will make the label invisible until you remove the reel from the rod. I'll be placing them on just about every piece of fishing equipment I own now, especially my rods, reels, and inside all of my fly boxes! I even put one on my cell phone. :)

I don't think they're waterproof, so maybe a piece of clear tape placed over them will preserve the life a little longer.

I think you ned to get out and do some more fishing you have too much time on your hands (Only kidding):D :D :D :cool: :cool: :D :D :D
Give it up

Dennis, i've been placing them on my rod tubes for over 10 yrs. now. Damm, i just realized i've been in TU for 12 yrs. now. Makes you almost feel ashamed of yourself for not having become aware so much sooner in order to have contributed more. But i guess you do what you can. And don't forget guys, when they mail you your annual pitch for even more money for Embrace-a-stream........give it up. At least go for the $50 level and get a free book. It's wourff it. And if you don't, who will? mark