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Tight Loins
I'm in the market for some new deer hunting boots and would love some recommendations. I'd ideally like some rubber boots with high insulation (1000+ grams thinsulate or something comparable). I typically hunt tree stands and if we are going to put a drive on, I have separate boots that will do the job. Since I’ll be using the boots for more sedentary hunting, I’d like to get the warmest boots possible – I find the number one reason for my leaving the stand would be my feet getting cold. I do wear moisture wicking socks with wool socks over the top and throw some feet warmers in for good measure – but I could do with some really warm boots to extend my time in the stand.
You're going to want something like a Sorel boot. Danners are kick-ass boots, but not for sitting in a tree stand. There's none better for walking hunting, but in the stand, you need Sorels or equivalent. I have their boots one size larger than my foot size in an older model that keep me warm in most temps while on stand and I have had frostbite on my toes and I'm on blood thinners which both suck when you're trying to keep warm while doing nothing all while standing on a metal stand.

I wear a thin moisture wicking sock with a heavier wool or blend over those and foot or toe warmers if needed. I also place a foam rubber mat down on my stand so that I'm not standing directly on the metal on cold days. That and keep the rest of my body warm all helps. Often, our extremities go cold and we blame boots or gloves when it might be not enough clothing on other parts of our body including our head and neck where tons of heat is lost while sitting.
And if you're a total wimp, they make fitover booties for the Sorels which look ridiculous, but are very effective or so I've been told. I haven't stooped to that level yet :):)
i use Irish Setter Elk Hunters. 1000 gram. THe more insulation the stiffer the boot. I broke my ankle in 2012 and the doctor said to stay away from boots with little ankle support, you know the kind that have nylon and leather strips. I use Crispi's when hunting mountains and doing a lot of hiking in Wy or NY but on stand i use the Irish Setters. Also Artic Shield over boots work and keep the heat in as well as Boot Blankets. What i dont like about them is that the bottoms are smooth and i dont want to test my safety harness 15 up in a tree, but i know they do work.
Boot Blankets. What i dont like about them is that the bottoms are smooth and i dont want to test my safety harness 15 up in a tree, but i know they do work.

I figure I'm only wearing the real big clown boots in rifle season when it's cold and not during bow where I stand up to shoot. During a rifle hunt, I often shoot sitting down across the rest in front of me. But nobody wants to slip and fall. Like I said, I haven't purchased the boot blankets yet, but one day soon...:cold: