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AK SKIM'S BOOK SERIES 1 - Spey, Dee, Salmon, Steelhead Fly Patterns


Boston - Title Town USA
AK SKIM's BOOK SERIES 1 - Spey, Dee, Salmon, Steelhead Patterns


Classic Salmon Flies provides you a look into the old British salmon flies
with the original patterns dating back into the 19th and early 20th century.

Providing some historical background information on each pattern.


A very good reference of the classic slamon flies.
Lists all flies in alphabetical order.


Steelhead Flies by John Shewey covers some popular Pacific Northwest patterns
from hair wing, featherwing, shrimp & prawn, practitioners to Steelhead, Spey,
and Dee style.


As you read through the pages the striking element of beauty and elegance of
these patterns are something to be hold.<O:p</O:p



The author provides a history of Spey and Dee flies in addition to tying materials
that go into them.



Perhaps the best book on materials and he also suggests substitutes for material
no longer available for some classic patterns.


Vivid descriptions take away a lot of the mystery of classic flies.


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Good post.
Steelhead flies are similiar to streamers, to me that is.
I find them very eye appealing, much more so than salmon flies.
Oddly in the reports from the Salmon River, you very seldom hear of them being used.

Brk Trt