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Catch & Release Vol 1

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The Evolution of a Flyfisherman I have been fishing for almost 37 years. I started out as I guess most fisherman do. I had my spincasting rod and reel with a bucket of worms, some eagle claw hooks, a bobber, and a dream. Over time I upgraded my equipment, my outlook, and my options for fishing. A reel spinning rod, ultralight reel, lures, moving water an hour from where I lived. Ultimately I evolved as I believe many fisherman have to the most noble of all art forms..Flyfishing. Even as a flyfisherman one must go through an evolution of sorts. My first flyrod outfit was an eagle fiberglass flyrod with a martin reel. It cost all of 20.00 at the closest thing to a flyshop we had by our house. New Jersey was not considered a flyfishing mecca. As I got older I started to read the article in field & stream and dreamed of venturing to far off lands where the fish were enormous, the river pristine, and you could catch fish to your heart's desire, Alaska, Montana, Colorado, and many...