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Big D fly fishing

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It's not all about catching trout. A few things that keep me coming back to this river... Every Friday night I check weather.com. When I see "Scattered T-Storms", I know it's going to be a phenominal day. I then check the flows and water temps because this dictates whether I'll be floating or wade fishing. I prefer to float because I can cover so much more water and there are so many pools I really enjoy fishing. Wading to some of these spots is not possible and the spots that I can wade to would make me get in my car every few hours and drive. I pray to the dam gods to release just enough water whereas I can float! Some of the challenges of this river are the wind, the algae in the water, and of course choosing the right bug. Also, have you noticed that with every step you take to get yourself closer to a rising trout, that trout will move two steps further away from you! This river aint no Cairns pool! Are these fish any more educated than other fish? I don't think so. I...