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Tying the Egg-laying Grannom

Matt Grobert

6/0 Olive Danville
Here's our latest tying video - the egg-laying grannoms should be very active the next couple of weeks from late in the late day to dusk. Some evenings, the trout will key in on these bugs, and having one of these on the end of your tippet may be the only fly you need. If you don't have the green zelon, you can use a couple of wraps of peacock herl for the egg-sac. I like the zelon because it helps keep the fly up in the water surface.

with the bushy unkempt appearance it looks more like the egg laying grandma........
Thanks, we're going to do the rusty spinner later this morning with zelon wings, and with snowshoe rabbit foot wings.
I fished this fly last night and this morning at my local creek. I caught fish on the surface with a dead drift, I caught fish on the surface skittering the little bastard, I put a split shot on and caught fish sub-surface on a dead drift, and I also caught them on the swing.......Great fly....

Also some hippie dude was chasing my fly around yelling the name Daisy, and asking were she has been all these years?:)
i tied a bunch of these up last week after i saw the video. size 14 and 16 and they caught fish on saturday. fish were taken on top and subsurface. great fly that floats well and is easy to see.