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skagit / scandi advice


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So i'm looking for a little advice in purchasing Skagit head or some iteration thereof.

I have a 10.5 ft, 7 weight (single handed rod) paired with an 8 wt line. I'd like to add some kind of shooting head to toss heavy weighted nymph rigs. I really don't plan on swinging with this setup, it's just for nymphing -- so it's not just about casting but also the ability to mend line.

All the info i've been able to find online is pretty vague. I know I need to be somewhere in the 350-550 grain region but that's a big grey area. I'm also curious about length, and taper? What is good for nymphing? Do I need to pair this with a tip that will keep me from throwing heavy-handed mends?

Also, anyone fish the Cattaraugus?? Seems like a pretty cool place for me to get skunked with my new skagit head.


actually, probably just gonna get the airflo speydicator in 8WF.

would still like to know about the cattaraugus tho...
This site is so dead that the OP's have to answer their own questions.

I don't have any first hand info on the Catt, but a buddy of mine has fished it quite a bit and thinks the brown fishing is the next best thing to sliced bread. His novice wife has done pretty well on a few of his trips.
Take a look at Wulff Ambush lines designed specifically for nymphing/indicators. I use a 9wt on a Winston 7wt 11', handles nymph rigs with ease and also swings with light tips. Up size 1 or 2 line sizes, can be purchased as a full line or just the head

Welcome to the board. The Ambush looks pretty sweet, now I have some decisions to make. Triangle taper lines are a touchy subject on this message board, however. It was before my time, but context leads me to believe that DC redacted a triangle taper line that was promised to ... dluver?? maybe someone else, i'm not sure...
I may have had one too many beers tonight, but for the life of me I can't imagine why you would want to throw such a god-awful rig as that on the Catt. I haven't been there in a number of years, but we just fished floating lines and yarn indicator rigs with a few tiny split shot and a single egg pattern and kicked serious ass, to the point we were handing out yarn indies to some of the other fishermen in the area who were wondering how we were catching so many. We went with COZ, who knows the river like the back of his hand, and took us to some out of the way places, but the area immediately above the first Gowanda bridge, and also the well-known "Cabbage Patch" downstream on the rez were some of the better spots while we were there. Although much longer, it's not a very big river compared to the Salmon for example, so traditional small stream trout nymphing techniques will work fine. Once you get a few under your belt, definitely try to swing some flies too though, that's something I wish I had spent more time doing when I was there. Next time I guess. The numbers of fish can be mind-boggling, although I hear numbers are down in more recent years. If you fish the rez it will be an interesting experience, individuals walking along the roads and riverbanks with loaded shotguns are commonplace, as well as kids coming down to the riverbank along a crowded pool to shoot at the steelies with bow and arrow (yes, really) while their parents look on - just remember to smile! And when on line at the rez store to purchase your license, expect to be waited on only after everyone else (rez residents) have been taken care of first, even if they were on line after you. Makes you think a little.
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Try the Rio switch line in 7/8 wt. It's what I use when I indicator fish on my switch rods. I use an 11'9" 8 wt and use the 8/9, on my 11'6" 7wt I use the 7/8. Turns the whole setup over with ease and mends nicely.


I've tried a ton of lines for this type of fishing, while pricey, is the best I have found.
for the life of me I can't imagine why you would want to throw such a god-awful rig as that on the Catt.

agreed. if conditions require a lot of weight, the river is probably blown. as mentioned, many of the reaches you will be trout-nymphing, so you don't need to throw 50' mends (not that a skagit would help you any in that arena anyway). for indicator fishing on my TFO switch, i like an over-lined mid-belly spey. but that's not much help to you either.

also, the catt has the best swinging water in WNY, so you might as well not swear it off. when you headed out that way? ive never fished the rez but try to hit the catt and niagara at least once a year.

fish the catt (and other erie tribs) like a small trout stream, not like the D or the salmon where the fish are holding everywhere. hit the best looking water and dont waste too much time on the b-water. You might pick up a surprise fish here or there but they pretty much congregate in the same prime spots and the rest can be barren.
I ended up buying the 8WT Ambush from Fishbum. The price was right, and it seems like a good intermediate choice.

I don't really know when I'm fishing yet. I work in a 24 hour department and everyone is bleeding off vacation days this time of year. Most likely will spend 3 days fishing the Catt the 21-23rd or the 20th-22nd? Lemme know if you're trying to fish..
The Wulff ambush works for me . It can be used to nymph with or without an indicator both near and far. I also use it to swing light flies with long leader or lite tips. Don't understand all the negativity but to each his own, it works for me.