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    In the end we're all out for the same reason.To catch fish, and try and find some peace,solitude and have fun.

    At least for me and most of the guys I know when your on the river your not debating politics,Religion, and Ideology. There's just to much of that today and that really sucks.You can bet dollars to donuts that if the United States was invaded by another country today how fast everyone would join
    together -enuf said on that topic.

    I've seen the battles and debates over the years when it comes to Fly-Fishing.Why?

    If your a Latin speaking dry-fly purist,or you fish small streams or big rivers,if you nymph or chuck streamers what is the difference ? From a technical standpoint there is a difference, but in the end what does it really matter how you peruse your quarry?

    Anyone that has fished with me over the years knows one thing - I'm a Dry-Fly Purist,Latin speaking freak.I wont even throw a line unless I have a steady target.But that doesn't mean I look down upon or cast dispersion on someone that nymphs,chucks streamers, or fishes small creeks.
    To each his own,If you enjoy how you choose to fish than just simply enjoy it and try to find that peace in this crazy world we live in.

    Are there assholes on the river that think there shit doesn't stink,Yes.I just ignore them or catch the fish rising in front of them after they anchor up in front of me,If that doesn't work I throw a nice shot over the bow about 6 inches from their head and that usually gets them to pull up Anchor and move on.Oh Gee I'm sorry that one got away from me is usually my line, with a smile of course.

    Bottom line is we're all in the same fraternity which is not very large, and it It doesn't matter how or where you fish, it only matters that your having fun.

    Keep that Line tight.

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