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Mayflies you will likely encounter in NE America and Canada

Stenacron man

New member
1; ​This is a typical Baetis or BWO mayfly. They range in their body color from pale olive to dark olive. Sizes most commonly fished are; # 14 - # 18 and smaller. They are from the swimming group and can live in all stream conditions.

Their water preference; is softer slower waters like pools, flats,
& lakes. They swim as a larva to the surface and split their and shuck on the surface film. Because they swim around as a larva and have huge populations I often even without a hatch going on for them fish a # 16 BWO wet fly till the hatch begins then switch to a dun. Hatch time start in my area in the second week of April through end of October with various sizes and species.


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Stenacron man

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2; This is Epeorus pleuralis or in common names ( Quill Gordon ) sizes it is best tied on size # 10 - # 14. For the most part is a BWO and size #12 is the norm. Hatch times in southern ONT are 3rd week in April til mid May. They are from the clinger group.

Water preference; faster moving riffles to heavy rapids. There must be very high levels of oxygen in the water. They hatch below the surface and race to the top, pop up their wings, dry them off, and they are gone. Fishing a wet fly is the most effective Technic.



Stenacron man

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3; This is Ephemerella subvaria or in common names "Dark Hendrickson " sizes are # 12 -#14. They start to hatch in southern ONT in the 3rd week of April - 2nd week of May. They are from the crawler group.

Water preference; Riffles and runs but some species of Ephemerella are found in slower waters. They hatch right below the surface film, pop up, dry their wing, and fly away. Fishing a dun is very effective.



Stenacron man

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4; This is Ephemerella invaria or in common names "Light Hendrickson" generally in sizes # 10 - # 12, they are from the crawler group and start to hatch in Southern ONT the 1st week of May till 1st week of June.

Habitat and hatching behavior; same as Ephemerella subvaria



Stenacron man

New member
​5; This is Maccaffertium vicarium, best formerly known as Stenonema vicarium. Its common name is The March Brown. Typical sizes are # 8 - # 12, hatching times in Southern ONT start the 2nd week in May, till 2nd week in June. They are from the clinger group.

Water preference; faster moving riffles and runs but can often be found in the head of pools. They hatch just under surface, pop up to dry their wings which often takes awhile, making a dry fly dun the best choice.



Stenacron man

New member
6; This is Maccaffertium vicarium / fuscum, historically known as Stenonema fuscum. In common names known as the Gray Fox. Hatching times for southern ONT 2nd week in May till last week in June, in sizes # 10 - # 14.

Habitat and hatching behavior same as vicarium or Mach Brown.