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Bait Fishing in Special Regs Saucon Creek


New member
Pennsylvania Fish Commission guys have been visiting the Saucon Creek in Hellertown Pennsylvania recently. They are considering opening up the Trophy section to bait fishing, although the rest of the creek outside the Trophy section is now open. Please call and write them to let them know this is a huge mistake. The Trophy section holds some beautiful wild fish, though fewer than in the past; bait fishing will increase mortality and provide the final blow to a once great section of the stream.

Here is a web address for comments to the Fish Commission. The Saucon is in Northhampton County. I've submitted a message via the site, but will be sending in hard copy letters as well.

Perhaps the most influential person to write would be

Commissioner Glade E. Squires
PA Fish and Boat Commission
1601 Elmerton Avenue
P.O. Box 67000
Harrisburg, PA 17106-7000

My letter is on its way.


New member
The president of the Monocacy TU Chapter has explained that the mayor of Bethlehem can kill the proposal to use bait in the trophy section of the Saucon. I've just emailed him. His email address is below, followed by my letter, which reiterates the main points TU has shared with him. Please send your own email if you love wild trout. Your stream could be next, and we need to stick together to preserve the beautiful wild fish that mean so much to us.

With only a few days until the 30th, when the decision will be made, I decided to email Mayor Donchez so he would get my message in time. His email address is:


Dear Mayor Donchez,

It has come to my attention that the city of Bethlehem has the power to protect the trophy water on Saucon Creek in Hellertown. I implore you to do so for the following reasons:

The special regulations were designed by the Pennsylvania Fish Commission biologists to create an amazing trout fishery, and they have done just that.

This section of the stream is pure magic. It is a small stream that produces big wild fish, and I know of no other small stream in the entire state with the potential that the Saucon has in its lower reaches. Wild fish are so special. They live and reproduce in the stream, and develop a health, beauty and strength that stocked fish just can’t match in a put and take situation. Wild fish are a natural part of the good Lord’s creation, not paid for and introduced by humans.

The regulations (Trophy Trout, Artificial lures only) only restrict the use of bait, not the type of tackle. Anyone can fish with any kind of tackle in this section. As a teacher, I value children, and have taught many to fish. The people pushing for the use of bait have incorrectly and erroneously stated time and again that the regulations limit the use of the trophy section in the Saucon Park to fly anglers, and that it discourages kids from fishing there. This is not true. Kids are entirely free to use spinning tackle in the park.

In addition, a great many opportunities to use bait for stocked fish exist within 5 miles of Saucon Park, including most of Saucon Creek. The short trophy section is the only section in which bait cannot currently be used, and this protects the larger breeding fish from being killed before they can reproduce to keep the gene pool strong. Trout often swallow bait deeply, and once hooked in the gills a fish will die, even if released.

Allowing bait fishing in the trophy section of Saucon Creek will damage, if not destroy, a very special fishery, one that exists nowhere else in the state. I often come to fish the Saucon, and visit local restaurants, gas stations, and shops while in the area. Many other anglers do the same bringing additional business to the area. Please help protect this valuable resource.

Respectfully yours,

Louis Martin

trico mike

make mine wild
Louis,thank you for bringing awareness to this. I have sent an email to the pfbc and I will send one to the mayor also. Many guys ok this site fish the saucon and I implore all of you to get behind this cause. Thanks.


New member
Thanks, Mike. Tell Nick and the others about emailing the mayor. Erik of Trout Unlimited thinks we have a good chance of protecting the Saucon wild trout.


A fan of Boobery
I'll be contributing later this evening...I do not fish there regularly, but I have and realize the special Creek that the Saucon is.....

Philthy Phil

more fish than posts
I just and to post this here...thanks for posting Louis
This could ruin the stream. This stretch is important for fish migration and spawning.
Please send a message to the PFBC and to the mayor of Bethlehem if you ever fish this stream or care about wild trout. Thanks


New member
Thanks Phil. Every email to the mayor counts. Thanks to all supporting the wild fish in the Saucon with your messages.


Too many streams too little time
Thanks So much for posting I shared this with my local TU chapter as well. This would be quite sad to see. Surprised we are just hearing about it now.. Then again I guess I should not be too surprised.


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This issue has not gone away. Glade Squires of the PA commission still seeks to get what he wants, despite the good mayor of Bethlehem and folks from here. Letters from you will help.