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  1. mtthwnvk

    Upper Delaware Float Photos + river politics write up

    Hey Fellows, Haven't been around in a while but wanted to share some photos and a write-up I crafted from a float trip recently with John Clark + my daughter. You can check it out here: https://mtthwnvk.exposure.co/west-branch-float The information isn't going to be anything new or ground...
  2. mtthwnvk

    Esopus Creek

    Yeah, it's a good time up there in autumn, and nice that it stays open a little later than most of the surrounding rivers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. mtthwnvk

    A nice day on the creek!

    Sounds like you have to restart the tradition. I'll meet you up there next April 1.
  4. mtthwnvk

    A nice day on the creek!

    I've fished it about 5 times in the passed year each time based around the Phoenecia area. This time we fished the Emerson section behind the resort and then the lower special regs section by the boiciville bridge. Some folks complain about it, but I always enjoy it. Always run into old timers...
  5. mtthwnvk

    A nice day on the creek!

    For her 13th birthday my daughter asked for a fishing trip to the Catskills. I was happy to oblige, so we headed up to Esopus creek this morning. Fishing was pretty decent in the morning at the usual public access spots, was really cool to see my kid land a few good ones. I think this might...
  6. mtthwnvk

    This is where fly fishing started!

    Am I the only one who finds it terribly humorous but also annoying that if you read anything about the history of any river in the north east every one of them will claim that they are the birthplace of western fly-fishing?
  7. mtthwnvk

    Post-Irene advice on fishing in the Green Mountains

    Hey All, I have a trip planned for early July to head up from New Jersey to visit Hill Farmstead and a few other places. I'll be camping in the green mountains and had planned on blue-lining for Brook trout. Every lead I find and research is filled with a lot of talk about Irene damage. have...
  8. mtthwnvk

    more california news

    also: I can't wait till we launch Matthew McConaughey into space
  9. mtthwnvk

    more california news

    I've actually noticed that the few produce items I buy that come from CA have gone up signifigantly
  10. mtthwnvk

    Access for the Neversink.

    I agree. For sure not worth the trip, its not even pretty. I definitely don't think anyone should fish the gorge ever, waste of time honestly.
  11. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    Not sure where you're going to end up, but this was my first time in the ADKs and I have to say it was near overwhelming how much water there is. Its awesome. The general consensus from locals was that we were there a week early, which proved in the fishing. We got on 'em one day in one spot...
  12. mtthwnvk

    BEAVER burning the spots

    If you were smart you would have done like corporate america and just had unpaid interns do all your work
  13. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    I think it will be less story driven than the last one in terms of premise. Just some friends getting together to fish and get out. The plan was cabin, north river, private waters big browns, but it looks like its going to take on a life of its own as these things mostly do and I think the film...
  14. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    Man. I hate winter. Thanks for the info, its helpful at least for managing expectations. I agree with the guide sentiment if it were just a camping/fishing trip I'd be fine getting skunked or exploring but when your making a fly about fly fishing getting zeros doesn't tell much of a compelling...
  15. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    yeah I think that's gonna have to be the plan. Glad I invested in the park topo map... What's your IG handle?
  16. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    Thanks for the info, I'll be sure to call. That wilderness area was marked off on my map as a place we mind land, who knows though, I'll let you know what I find up there.
  17. mtthwnvk

    In need of ADK guidance ASAP!

    So here's the back story: been planning a trip to the ADK's for some fly fishing and film making. We secured a cabin way up north on a larger river, but guide calls today and say this week's weather is gonna wash us out and chances of getting on fish with temps and flows is not looking good...
  18. mtthwnvk

    6/1 ne pa

    A little late on this but this is awesome! I'm keeping bees this year in NEPA so i'll be driving up from sussex county often and I'll always have my gear with me
  19. mtthwnvk

    Fished today

    Don't forget my personal favorites: "EUREKA!" and "I set the rock"
  20. mtthwnvk

    What's the point of WTS designation if...

    Seems like its one of those "both-and" answers probably. Thanks for being the old man, I enjoyed the brief history lesson.