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    Jig Hooks

    I tie a BUNCH of my streamers on Jig hooks. Really worth it for the action and hook point riding up.
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    republican nominee

    Hillary Clinton should be in prison, not participating in presidential candidate debates. Bernie Sanders is a delusional socialist. As of now I'm split between Trump and Cruz.
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    Gerry Dumont @ Shannon's Sunday Fly Tying 1/10/2016

    I second that, Gerry is a true sportsman.
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    Big fat gnarly articulated stinger laden monstrosity swap!

    Moosekid those flies look absolutely killer, just wanted to let you know that it looks like the one on the left's thread is unraveling, not sure if it is or if it is just the pic but I wanted you to know.
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    Genetically Altered Salmon

    All good points.
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    Genetically Altered Salmon

    Sure here you may be able to choose from a variety of organic, gluten free ,and non-gmo expensive products, yet the bigger picture is that overseas GMO's can serve as a solution to a lack of available food due to environmental conditions. Being able to grow drought resistant strains of crops...
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    Genetically Altered Salmon

    It's insane that so much of the public still has such a fear of GMO's.
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    Steelhead Staples...

    What color beads were they liking?
  9. Mail

    Alaska - Kenai River September 18th - September 26th

    Sick trip with sick pics, what were the temps like when you were there?
  10. Mail

    WHY Bears?

    They're idiots, not much more to it than that. We have bears here in Millburn every year and you always get the idiots who try to protect them even though they are running through the backyards of suburbia.
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    Neversink 8.23

    my sides:rofl:
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    Sage ESN 11' 3Wt - Unregistered warranty card

    If you want more pictures or up close shots of any parts let me know.
  13. Mail

    Sage ESN 11' 3Wt - Unregistered warranty card

    Yeah there is a guy on Instagram by the name of catfishric who posts photos of nasty Browns all the time and he is one of the guys who can guide there. Those big Browns are more willing to smack a streamer when they recieve such little pressure compared to a River like the yellowstone.
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    Sage ESN 11' 3Wt - Unregistered warranty card

    How was wind river canyon? I have heard that it is absolutely spectacular. We're you guys able to walk in or did you have to float because as far as I recall it runs right through the Indian Reservation. I am trying to piece some money together for wheels and tires for a jeep, it's hard to...
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    Sage ESN 11' 3Wt - Unregistered warranty card

    Somewhere in the 550 range, rod had little use and an unregistered warranty. 700 new.
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    Sage ESN 11' 3Wt - Unregistered warranty card

    Bought this rod from Drew at Tightlines in June, used it under 10 times and was too lazy to register the warranty so it will come with a blank card. Rod is in good shape and was only used with nymphs so the rod tip was never smacked with a size 2 articulated streamer. The length of the rod is...
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    =On Second Thought...=

    We were out in Bozeman last week. The yellowstone was blown out for 3 days and thus the only options were the MO or the Upper Madison. One day 800 drift boats went down the upper Madison, with only the first few boats actually catching any fish. We fished the Mo a good bit and it proved to be...
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    SIMMS Headwaters kick ass backpack for sale or trade

    Still for sale? If so I will take it.
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    cloudy KLG didn't stop me

    It's nice to see that you are finally getting some good fish.
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    sweet video

    Montana wild definitely puts out some of the best fly fishing videos.