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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. flymantis73


    The musky flows have got better over the weekend, the gorge is still slow, but i landed a smallie and bow 10/29.
  2. flymantis73

    NJ local?

    Ha ha ha! If you think that's bad, wait until the lake run vs ocean run steelhead crap starts.
  3. flymantis73

    NJ local?

    Brown trout would be wild, not native. Brook trout are the only natives in nj. and i believe they are actually part of the char family.
  4. flymantis73

    Ok. Which one of you killed pedals the bear?

    What i find rediculous is that people are threatening to murder, rape, and kill the hunter/ memebers of his family. i guess they never heard of credibility.
  5. flymantis73

    ORVIS Reel Sale

    Love the access
  6. flymantis73

    Effinger store store closing

    Going today, hope there's some decent rods with a price drop.
  7. flymantis73

    a serious problem thats spreading

    If it's in their diet... Tie it!
  8. flymantis73

    Lucky fishing hat

    Sure as hell isn't the CFS....
  9. flymantis73

    Lucky fishing hat

    I got a new hat for fall, hope it has some " fish sense "
  10. flymantis73

    Do fish feel Pain?

    I assume there has to be some kind of discomfort in being hooked, why else would the fish struggle and resist, if they felt nothing after being hooked, you'd just pull them in.
  11. flymantis73

    Upper river trifecta +1

    Looks like a nice day. No interest in the dries huh?
  12. flymantis73

    Fly rod roof rack ideas.

    I have an suv and my rod fits inside.
  13. flymantis73

    So, how about this weather we're having, huh?

    Prolly not, the river is below 30 cfs, and low.
  14. flymantis73

    Colorado trip

    Google hatch charts, and lurk on their forums, productive western trout flies are usually bigger than the east coast. Go get 'em!
  15. flymantis73

    Essential tackle

    Leatherman? Duct tape, condoms??? that's an entirely different thread.
  16. flymantis73

    Essential tackle

    What do you consider the bare minimum to take on the stream with you for a full day on the river. sometimes i feel like i have too much stuff. can you get away with less gear? i'd like to just have Rod/reel 2 fly boxes net foreceps snips backup leaders/tippet bb shot. Would that be enough?
  17. flymantis73

    Waiting for a hatch

    I thought so, ate there a few times.
  18. flymantis73

    Waiting for a hatch

    That looks like the Mc Donalds on rte 31.
  19. flymantis73

    so, i've been fly fishing

    No worries man, these fish are pre heatwave.
  20. flymantis73

    so, i've been fly fishing

    and i've caught some trout first one,one is from Pt. Mountain., the decent sized one is from KLG biggest trout on the fly rod. and, i finally got one on a dry fly, though the fish decided not to give a fight, it was still great, after watching three rises, i put on a Parachute adams, and it...