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    Who or What ruined your favorite fishing hole due to overcrowding.

    The Shehawken access. Back in the early 90's you had to ask permission from the farmer across the street or at least buy some of his produce to get in there. That riffle was loaded with trout. I had some of my best days fishing there with my brother in-law to sulphurs. The year after they...
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    Delaware Fishing Reports Early June

    Thanks for update Jim. Does that include the East Branch? If so, how far down river would a release have impact?
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    Found Flybox below Lordville

    Nope not a joke. I think he said he lost it on the West Branch and it floated all the way down to Bouchexville.
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    Found Flybox below Lordville

    Happy to have reunited you with your flies!
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    Found Flybox below Lordville

    Found downstream of the bridge in the water on the bank. Contents in good shape (I left it open to dry anyway). PM me with detailed description and we can arrange its return. Also found a beaver, dead bird, water snake, tadpoles, frogs, toads, deer, chipmunks, a few turkeys, some TARP...
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    Anyone been fishing the Lackawaxen lately? Seems PPL has been generating almost every weekday this summer. Is the fishing still holding up when they are releasing or did all the trout get cooked yet?
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    Big Spinner - Todays Lordville Temps

    Jim - Not to complicate matters any further but don't you think the length of the day has a signficant impact on the water temps on the mainstem? For instance 10 years ago I routinely fished well past the end of Bouchexville Road in late August when the air temps were in the high 80's and the...
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    Big Spinner - Todays Lordville Temps

    Question - Lordville water temp hit 74F yesterday. With predicted highs in the mid 90's today/tomorrow why not get ahead and do an environmental release now instead of waiting for the river to hit 80?
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    Valley Creek

    Valley Creek is in my backyard. Sparse hatches anymore, probably because of the frequent monsoon style floods we got the last 5 years. Sulphurs are pretty much non-existant. Last night on my porchlight I saw 1 sulphur size 16, 1 Yellow Sally size 8 (a first in 11 years), 3 or 4 mottled tan...
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    Wide body hooks

    H3ST Draper Flat Bodied Nymph Hook. A special hook as a base for all types of flat bodied nymph patterns. Straight eye. Bronze finish. http://www.thetroutfitter.com/catalog/flytying/partridgehooks.html
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    Any Delaware Reports?

    Mainstem Report Fished Stockport and Lordville on Monday in a steady drizzle. Some Iso's came off down in Lordville in the afternoon, the fish were on them for a short window, I caught a nice brown and lost another. Monday evening at Stockport there were fishing working sulphurs and olives...
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    Hos Was WB This Weekend

    Fishing Report I fished the mainstem by Lordville Saturday. Water temp was a cool 59. I found the WB too chalky to fish and plain muddy if in the vacinity of any of the feeders so I headed as far downriver as possible. I started at 1 PM. It was a still day, with a steady mist but no real...
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    Delaware Post Flood Observations / Fishing Report

    I made my first trip to the D this weekend since the big flood. I was basically expecting to perform recon and observe the damage done by the flood. First impression, the tribs looked awful. Shehawken Creek doesn't even make it to the West Branch before it disappears into the ground. Another...
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    Exciting News: Buckingham Jet Boat Ferry Service

    I am now accepting bookings for the Spring fishing season. I can get you to almost any spot on the Upper Mainstem in just a few minutes with my new state of the art Clackacraft Jet Boat (new for 2005 from Clackacraft). We depart from Buckingham, Stockport or a private spot near the Lordville...
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    Has anyone else noticed a lack of insects in their local area this year? I am outdoors a lot and have never seen so few insects as this year in Southeast PA. I check the lights by my house each night before bed and hardly anything. No spiders, no caddis, no mayflies, not even moths. Not even...