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    DEL WATERGAP trout streams?

    Washington trash? Seriously, I live in Washington and it is far better than average for the surrounding areas. It is like any small town with a shitty local government who pisses away our hard earned money for stupid shit like 25k clocks, and a state of the art crossing alert system for what was...
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    DEL WATERGAP trout streams?

    The one caveat to Resica is that if you don't have a pin, they will report you for trespassing. You need to get a pin via a donation through the boy scout camp. And take it easy on the fish at VCB, they are tortured by stupid tourists, swimmers, fishermen, rock chuckers etc.
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    DEL WATERGAP trout streams?

    there are absolutely no fish at van campens brook or resica falls. stay out.
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    The One that Rules the South Branch!!!

    I'm hardly neutral on this subject, I'm working with the guys at TPO. I'll say this. Dan is correct, Aaron is a teacher in Patterson New Jersey. Whether Aaron has an ego or not, depends how much time you actually spend with him. The fact is, he is a great fisherman and a great teacher. What he...
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    not the tomato plants. piss on his strawberry plants, those things are going to be shot this year anyway.
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    him saying he owns the bottom of the stream is correct. you can still float tube as long as you don't cast into any trees or disrupt the silt on the bottom, and you don't touch the land adjacent to the water.
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    Dreamcatcher Lodge and plentiful browns.

    did you hire a guide or just find spots yourself?
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    Musconetcong River

    Hey- I consider the Musconetcong River my home water, and I can certainly tell you that the set up of a prince nymph and/or a pheasant tail can certainly produce fish on that system. I will say that it is a very caddis and stonefly heavy system, as well as bwo heavy in late spring, early...
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    biot olive

    Is that dubbing brand rock snot? haha. seems fishy
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    Even an ignorant person like myself cannot leave this out of my expanding library. I will pick it up, and I will use it as the basis in my intro to dry fly tying next year. I devoted this year to learning and tying nymphs and streamers, some soft hackles and no wets. So next year will be dry fly...
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    Obviously I have no clue who Make Valla is but I see your point nonetheless (googled his QG). I look at BRK TRT flies and say, "Wow. Quite stunning, but why on earth would I want to possibly risk losing this fly? Better put it in a shadow box." When with Galloup's flies, I see them and say...
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    too fancy for my pants. i like galloup-esque streamers.
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    biot Cahill

    body is off, so is the head. it is okay.
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    Rite Bobbins, worth the price?

    You can roll with that one.
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    Rite Bobbins, worth the price?

    okay, well non archaic jackasses use bobbins for floss. I use them for embroidery floss when doing woven bodies per davy wotton's tip, and i use them for tying streamer bodies etc with pearsall's silk, alec jackson's insert name here floss because I'm not Prince and don't own purple silk gloves.
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    Rite Bobbins, worth the price?

    I don't tie too many flies with those delicate silk floss materials, so I personally don't understand, nor NEED a ceramic bobbin. I actually have one, and use it for keeping wire spooled. I want a rite bobbin, but mainly as an experiment, i have heard they are damn strong per kelly galloup...
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    OK to use regular bait type hooks for fly tying

    I can vouch that Allen Fly Fishing has the best deals on hooks currently. if you want barbless options, they aren't providing any currently, so trout legend is a really good source for barbless hooks at the best price ive found. with that said, I purchased eagle claw 1/0 massive hooks and they...
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    Are Double bunny minnows supposed to be super heavy

    a kelly galloup articulated streamer. he has some great streamers, the stacked blonde, the sex dungeon, the t n a rainbow , zoo cougar, heifer groomer, butt monkey, butt sump, sleezeburger, Kelly Galloup's Slide Inn Trout Fly Fishing Lodge to see them. revolutionary.
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    The musky

    ignore any hatches, and fish anything caddis morning to night. you will hammer them. of course you can go for the tricos, sulphurs, etc, but caddis is guaranteed to catch fish. throw streamers too, slumpbuster, wooly, galloup-esque small for trout- zonkers, and the same in larger forms for...