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    Upper Delaware Campgrounds

    Try the Roscoe Campsites. Very nice place on the beaverkill and its probably your only shot for memorial day week/weekend. Don't mind the reviews, new ownership and a very remodeled camp. I'm the camper with the blue 3 man raft next to it if you make it there.
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    KLG report from 5/14/15

    So I went back to the Gorge with my pal Tim and didn't get there until 5:00 PM. What a difference time of day seemed to make! Bugs of many different varieties and plenty of them, and even some rising fish. Fished a 14 tan caddis with a variety of droppers. As per the Shannon's report's...
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    Ramapo Dilemma

    Update: I fished the Ramapo last night and the fish are fine. Tons of bugs. I mean tons. Cahills everywhere, midges, tiny blue wings, caddis. Even saw a couple rise. 3 on dry dropper, left them alone after an hour or so.
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    Any KLG reports

    I fished the Gorge 5/12/15 and it was pretty slow. Hooked 6 on caddis pupa fishing them under a big stimi dry. Didn't feel like nymphing. Didn't see a single rise anywhere, and I quit by 3 as it seemed like water was getting to warm. Need rain.
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    Ramapo Dilemma

    Have the fish been dying in the Ramapo this spring? I fished it two days ago and it was dead slow, and it seemed pretty warm.
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    TU Club Looking for contacts

    I will be here until Thursday April 3rd. I can provide information for trips outside of the New Jersey area, as I am presently guiding the South Holston and Watagua rivers in eastern Tennessee. As well, I will return to the Erie, Pennsylvania area in mid-April two guide Great Lakes Steelhead...
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    I found your thread about floating the south branch and north branch. Can you please shed some...

    I found your thread about floating the south branch and north branch. Can you please shed some more light on where to put in and take out, suitable water levels, ect... Dying to find a float in NJ.
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    float trip ideas?

    That's a beast. Was it fly caught? The Main Stem is just soooooo intriguing. So similar to our Colorado river which fishes soooo well in the winter.
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    New reel recommendation

    Rusty you are exactly right. Click and pall and palming rims are all you need for most trout. A trip to the Taylor River in Colorado, or the Beaverhead, where giant trout (10-25 lbs) on 6 and 7x tippets are the norm are the exception. Startup inertia becomes super important in said scenarios...
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    float trip ideas?

    Pete I floated it two weeks ago and didn't move a fish but that's pike. I don't undrstand how the big D isn't good in the winter. Our upper Colorado river is insane in the winter and is very similar. Ideas?
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    New reel recommendation

    I have an Abel super 8 and bg3. It is dependable but is also the ONLY reel that I have to oil and fuss with before I use it. Comparing a Hatch and Nautilus is Bentley vs. Cadillac. Both nice but no comparison. Reels boil down to drag and quality of machining. Drag boils down to dead lift in...
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    float trip ideas?

    Gonna go fish tomorrow somewhere, somehow. If I can find a place to float I will if not I'm gonna wade. There's an old post on here that I found about a guy floating the South Branch around Flemington. Anyone know anything about this? Anyone that wants to fish tomorrow PM me.
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    New reel recommendation

    Nautilus that I had did have plastic drag knob, guess it was an early model. Sage reels are machined in South Korea by an aerospace contractor who's technology is "slightly more advanced" than the local machine shop in the U.S. My cousin is a toolmaker in Erie, and they still use manual...
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    New reel recommendation

    Sage, Lamson, Ross. Stay away from Nautilus. Junk. Got one in a trade and couldn't believe a plastic drag knob on a reel at any price point especially one that expensive. Mirage is a lot of $ but good reel. Hatch is king. Sage 4000 and 6000 plus two Evokes for spey and switch are my guide...
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    Salmon River Report 2014

    flyI4 do you use an octopus style hook? I use the Owner SSV in a size 8 or 6 for my Erie guide trips, and it works well. My guys used to lose WAY more fish with any egg or straight shank hook. Just something I've found.
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    float trip ideas?

    I am heading back to northern jersey tomorrow with my 16' Clack Driftboat for two weeks. Won't have much to do while I'm there and am looking for float options within two hours drive. Not interested in going to the SR as its a bit too far and I just finished guiding steelhead in Erie. Advice...
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    nj should be ashamed.

    Just a word to the wise on electroshocking. Shocking is the cause of senseless fish mortality. We took garbage bags full of 15-21" browns and rainbows out of the Roaring Fork River in Colorado where I guide in the summers after the DOW shocked that section. Surprisingly, few agencies seem to...
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    Great hatch on the musky.

    CT that Dec hogan signature is priceless
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    What is the Salmon river status?

    Salmon got a good run of fish last two days and was unaffected by most of the rain. Water levels r due to return to normal 335 flow in a day or two. Bulk of flooding occurred south.
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    Guide recommendation for S/R

    greg is a good choice, or Pat Mahoney if you want to go for a drift boat trip... Pat owns the liquor store up there so check him out...