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  1. DoubleHaul

    the actual 12 flies you would take with you in your box

    butt monkey circus peanut battenkill shiner mickey finn stonefly nymph black Ausable Ugly snowshoe/elk hair emerger ausable wulff RS2 Stimulator Czech Nymphs Pheasant tail as you can see from my selections, I don't fish the big D. You can tell that Simms and I are from the same area too...
  2. DoubleHaul

    adirondack salmon

    Trapon- Now be quiet or they will all want to race up the Northway to catch tarpon :hubbahubba::rofl:
  3. DoubleHaul

    adirondack salmon

    There are no salmon left in the adirondacks
  4. DoubleHaul

    Should Corzine go to Prison?

    I think Bernie & John should be made to drink fraq water for the rest of their days DH Only problem is Paul is a fossil- Tobias- for president ... Kick asss & take names. Foget the names deal----- just go kick ass. on second thought, AK for president! Tobias- we are going to appoint you the...
  5. DoubleHaul

    Group: Adirondack Fly Fishing

    The Battenkill got a seroius restructuring thanks to Irene. I fished it on Thanksgiving day. Sand & gravel bars where my favorite pools used to be etc. I saw one brown hugging the bottom and he wasn't moving for anything. The river is up and 36 degrees. It will be fun to spend some time...
  6. DoubleHaul

    Group: Adirondack Fly Fishing

    In an honest effort to return to the forum, I have created a group "Adirondack Fly Fishing". No excusses why I disappeared... but I'd like to come back (if you'll have me). I can give you a heades up before you head up. Let you know when it's safe to venture on the ice and how conditions are...
  7. DoubleHaul

    BEWARE: Asshole rangers at Boat ramps.

    If I don't fish PA border water why would this be a problem? I'm not guiding this weekend anyway and won't be near PA. Hey, I thought everyone who lives south of the Adirondacks is a flatlander right? PS. NICE BASS
  8. DoubleHaul

    BEWARE: Asshole rangers at Boat ramps.

    Or maybe I'll just whip this out and they will leave me the hell alone
  9. DoubleHaul

    what flies to use for schroon river/lake george area

    tan caddis today water level is good and temp is perfect 52
  10. DoubleHaul

    BEWARE: Asshole rangers at Boat ramps.

    Name, position & shield #'s. Did you report them to Ray Brook? That is totally uncalled for. Were they EOC's or Forest Rangers? Did they say if they were charging you with a crime? Did you get a citation? I'm coming down this weekend for some R&R. I don't need problems with these (officers).
  11. DoubleHaul

    what flies to use for schroon river/lake george area

    Daily. I'm trying to have all the trout in the river named by the time you get here :thumb:
  12. DoubleHaul

    what flies to use for schroon river/lake george area

    Here's stocked brown from last season. FlyShack.com - Your Source for Quality Flies - Hatch Charts This hatch chart is accurate. Schroon has an excellent stonefly population Mostly a put & take river. River flow is solely managed for boat traffic in Schroon Lake and not fish management...
  13. DoubleHaul

    Fly Boxes

    Be sure to write your name & number inside and on the outside of the box. Just in case you loose it, Most of us are about half honest so you have a 50/50 shot of getting it back.
  14. DoubleHaul

    If you only could use two flies....

    This tourney goes by total inches of live trout released in mostly public rights water. Czech Nymphing. B/C very few trout hold over in this section, you have to go for the stockers that have been in for about 3 weeks as of now. Czech Nymphing. Winning the thing will be all about putting lots of...
  15. DoubleHaul

    Anyone have any fish porn from this year yet?

    Here's a little landlocked salmon I caught out of Schroon Lake
  16. DoubleHaul

    Fly fishing around Saratoga

    Lots of water, so many fish, so little time. If you don't mind stocked browns, brookies and bows, Schroon is a good choice. If native brookies are what you are after, plenty of opportunities in the LG area. DH~
  17. DoubleHaul

    fishing in Albany area

    This is pretty close to where you are: http://www.dec.ny.gov/docs/fish_marine_pdf/pfrkayadeross.pdf Call me in a couple of weeks. Wading is still a bit "iffy" on the bigger rivers. Maybe we can put a trip together. www.adkflyfishing.com
  18. DoubleHaul

    Douglaston new catch & release policy

    DSR just got the last of my $$$$. I agree with C&R but I WANT TO BE THE ONE TO DECIDE IF I KEEP A FISH OR NOT. TOO MANY RULES. GETTING SICK OF BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO! The Douglaston isn't the important part of the river for spawning anyway, the UFZ & LFZ have the C&R covered for the chromers...
  19. DoubleHaul

    Needed: 3wt for back up

    Anybody got a used 3wt they are looking to part with or know where I can pick up a decent one for a backup? Not looking to spend a ton of money here. My primary rod is getting some guides replaced and the 9' 5wt. is way to big to fish for brookies. Thanks, DH