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  1. PRomano

    Fly Fishing Guide - Old Forge area of the Adirondacks

    Hank, How the hell are you? What do you need a guide for? Here's a guide for you. The West Canada Hatch Fly Fishing Guide Service on West Canada Creek Follow this link and check out West Canada Creek. Fishing the West Canada Creek - NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation It passes through...
  2. PRomano

    What was your first fly rod/out?

    My first fly rod was an Old Pal 7 1/2 foot 6 weight fiberglass rod with aluminum ferrules. The tip and butt sections didn't match up correctly so they gave me a huge discount. The reel was a Garcia Mitchel 754 and the line was a Cortland double taper. I purchased the outfit at the Paterson Rod...
  3. PRomano

    looking for a new 4wt

    Here is a photo for you. $100.00 plus shipping unless we can meet somewhere for delivery. $20.00 goes to NEFF.
  4. PRomano

    looking for a new 4wt

    I just rememered the model name; it's Rocky Mountain. As I recall Orvis advertised these as being the same blank as the Superfine. They just downgraded the finish to bring the price down.
  5. PRomano

    looking for a new 4wt

    I have to check the model name when I get home tonight. It's one of the older out of production models (un-sanded blank) that are in vogue now due to the softer action. It's the same blank as high end but without the bling-bling reel seat. This rod has a black reel seat with rosewood spacer...
  6. PRomano

    looking for a new 4wt

    I have an Orvis 6 1/2 foot 4 weight I'll sell you for a $100.00! I won it at a TU event and I already have too many 4 weights. Rod apppears brand new.
  7. PRomano

    Thomas & Thomas 6 weight

    This rod is still for sale if anyone is interested. I'm willing to negotiate price if that helps. Great buy here; this rod is in mint condition and I wouldn't be selling if I didn't need the money.
  8. PRomano

    At what age?

    Jack1266, I noticed you're from Bergen County. The state is stocking some huge Brook Trout in 2 bergen County lakes this week. Dahnert's Lake (Bergen), Indian Lake (Bergen), I'm not sure what townships these 2 lakes are in but if you google them I'm sure you can find them. I'll bet these...
  9. PRomano

    Fly Line Choice

    That is exactly why you want a double taper! A double taper has all those characteristics you mention. So does the Wulff. Only the Wulff is not reversable so you'll have to purcahse a new line once it wears out.
  10. PRomano

    Fly Line Choice

    My advice would be to get a double taper fly line. Brand doesn't matter, they're all good these days. Since you are fishing small streams and not much line is needed, cut the line in half and save half the line for when the first half wear's out. You'll save some cash! :)
  11. PRomano

    Special non-stocking signs for upper SBR (picture)

    I guess I'll take the Wanaque as well. I will contact Lisa directly and let her know.
  12. PRomano

    Special non-stocking signs for upper SBR (picture)

    I understand Barleywine reached out to you in regards to the Pequannock. I posted the Pequannock signs on Friday. :) I ran into a CO, or should I say he ran into me. He had the signs for the TCA. I wasn't sure what to do in the TCA area so I placed the no stocking signs underneath the TCA signs...
  13. PRomano

    Fishing between now and opening day'

    It's the Pequannock. The TCA starts at the railroad crossing upriver from Rt. 287 overpass on the Bloomingdale/Riverdale border and extends 1 mile down at the Hamburg Turpike crossing.
  14. PRomano

    2014 NJ trout stocking changes due to disease at Pequest

    Bellow Oradell reservoir. It's a safe bet that any township or county park along those 2 rivers will get fish.
  15. PRomano

    Fish & Boat Commission merger

    I think this is the part that should concern sportsmen. Who are the members of this independant comitte, PETA members? "They also need to let them know how they feel about removing the authority of both the Fish & Game Commissions in making wildlife decisions and having that brought to an...
  16. PRomano

    2014 NJ trout stocking changes due to disease at Pequest

    I think the goal of the hatchery stocking that many in the Passaic and hackensack is to make sure these fish die ASAP! They're that bad. :beingsick:I'm sure that is the reason.
  17. PRomano

    2014 NJ trout stocking changes due to disease at Pequest

    The Whippany does run parallel to route 10, kind of. It runs past South Jefferson within walking distance of my office. I think I know that Malapardis Brook you're talking about. That is a sweet looking little stream. It's very fishy looking indeed, everytime I drive by, I look for rising fish. :)
  18. PRomano

    Northern Pike On The Fly - 11.10.2013

    Its very difficult to find sections of river for the wade fisherman. The only place I know is in Little Falls just downstream from the route 46 overpass. If you had a small boat or kayak, you should concentrate in the three bridges area of Lincoln Park. I have seen the largest fish being caught...
  19. PRomano

    Biggest Trout so far.

    Captain Cupcake, it was tied by Pat Cohen. He should be at the show this weekend. Check him out. He's the best deer hair tier I ever seen. I finaly got my picture up, check out those beautiful dead stockies.:nose-picking:
  20. PRomano

    Biggest Trout so far.

    Just because a fish swims away doesn't mean it will survive. I snapped this photo at the Pequest a couple years back. These trout were caught and released above the bridge that leads to the hatchery entrance. They all swam away strong but look what happened later on. :beingsick: You should have...