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  1. moosekid

    Hale Eddy Boat Ramp

    I wouldn't know. I drive a Subaru Outback, the official vehicle of tough guys. People often mistake me for a Hell's Angel simply due to the white subaru. Having a car that's full of trash and smells bad is another effective thief deterrent. The only person with a stinkier car than me on the...
  2. moosekid

    Hale Eddy Boat Ramp

    On brand. New York purchased angler parking at the Long Eddy boat launch last season. In 2023 it was just a rectangular mud pit but it could hold ~(10) trucks w/ trailers. This season they put down a bunch of crushed gravel and installed these wooden lanes to demarc parking spaces. It seems like...
  3. moosekid

    Ramapo River restoration is back on for Oakland

    This is BS, Rusty. I think you have more than enough credibility to be subcontractor to the subcontractor on this project. If you'd known the number of lanes, I might even say you'd be qualified to perform work in the stream but as it stands we'd all feel more comfortable with you "holding the...
  4. moosekid

    Hale Eddy Boat Ramp

    Drove past the Hale Eddy "launch" on Tuesday and saw a mini excavator, bobcat, and dump truck. They had brought in some large rocks and created a bit of a roundabout for trailers, and the dump truck was parked down in the ramp area. I didn't jump out of the car to see if they were making it...
  5. moosekid

    Fly Fishing History Documentary

    I notice that (2) of the producers are named Diogo DeAssis and Diego DeAssis. Do you have a sister named Diago?
  6. moosekid

    Big poacher caught on neversink

    I prefer 40.822686, -74.029528
  7. moosekid

    Big poacher caught on neversink

    Check the caption on the photo "a brook trout"
  8. moosekid

    Chat message

    @lightenup if you can drive to Reliance, the Hiawassee is very productive. Full of dumb rainbows that will eat attractor dries.
  9. moosekid

    a new flavor of skunk

    Bard Parker looked like the Salmon River this weekend. Water so low there were people on both sides of the bubble line, spaced about 20 yards apart for the first 200 yards. Saw atleast three guys casting indicator rigs to pods of rising fish.... anyhow I've never seen it so crowded. Isos...
  10. moosekid

    a new flavor of skunk

    So I'm back at work today after about 2 weeks of fishing on the D. It's getting to that point where fishing can be tough, but I have a few spots where nice rainbows hold in faster water and they're reliably gullible. So on the sunny/windy days I didn't float, I'd wander down to the river around...
  11. moosekid

    Fish report for the Upper D.

    Tan caddis and Hendricksons have started, if you know where to look. It's still pretty early so not a lot of fish looking up, but we put dry fly fish in the boat on Sat and Sun.
  12. moosekid

    Dude flyfishing in central park

    Tucker crushes in the Nielsen ratings. Sadly, this is more indicative of how fucking simple your average television viewer is. For context, in an average week "Young Sheldon" has the highest Nielsen rating on television.
  13. moosekid

    Early Spring in the Catskills

    Daffodils are poking out of the ground all over in the Catskills. Was on the mainstem walking the dog on Saturday and saw some some size 14 stoneflies buzzing around and also some smaller black caddis. Thinking it will be an early Spring. So what does everyone think? Will Rusty miss the...
  14. moosekid

    DRBC Dashboard Availability

    https://www.nyc.gov/site/dep/water/reservoir-levels.page More than just the Delaware system, but should have most of the info here.
  15. moosekid

    Why fish the Upper Delaware River?

    @Catskill did you write this post using Chat GPT?
  16. moosekid

    USGS - Up to date CFS

    Lordville would be helpful
  17. moosekid

    Who would win in a fight? - Macfly vs Beetle?

    Vegas would probably have to take Macfly here, but Beetle has a size advantage and a lifetime of mistreatment to inspire rage. So I'm going to say that Beetle would only win if he was allowed to do battle with a canoe paddle as a weapon. Your thoughts?
  18. moosekid

    Tipi in the Woods TR

    a) frying pan fish were put and take stockies from a club on CMM's local Wawayanda Creek b) i've graduated to the D. bought a little house on the mainstem near kellam's. c) eden brook on the neversink used to hold brookies in EVERY plunge. you'd catch 20 fish in 30 mins - every other cast. this...
  19. moosekid

    Few new menu items

    Hey Dennis you introduced some logic where objects on the webpage appear from left to right as you scroll down, and objects in the periphery at the top/bottom of your screen disappear. I think you set it up backwards in the "Forum" page. Works the way you want it to in "What's New..." I think...
  20. moosekid

    Fly tying video

    Your thumb looks like a toe.