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Welcome back to the new NEFF. Take a break from Twitter and Facebook. You don't go to Dicks for your fly fishing gear, you go to your local fly fishing store. Enjoy!

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  1. tomk6251

    Trout Unlimited in New Jersey

    and who's he gonna get the 12 pack off of? (PS: sorry, Simms - didn't see your post)
  2. tomk6251

    Beetle to PURGE friends list

    Great day, Jake. Now I know why you like that area so much. Looking forward to getting out on the water with you. Talk to you more at the FTN on Tuesday.
  3. tomk6251


    Like a pendalum, I think its coming back.
  4. tomk6251

    fly shack flies

    Oh yea, that's right, I forgot about the legs...
  5. tomk6251

    fly shack flies

    I think their decent and cheap, but I still prefer the $9.95 flies I'm tying. Hahahaha.
  6. tomk6251

    8.14.2012 - Beetle is Legend

    Lightenup - you may have a typo there...I believe it is spelled hysterical...
  7. tomk6251

    8.10.2012 - Beetle is King of KINGS!

    Now THAT is an understatement. Typical of the Beetle, unfortunately.
  8. tomk6251

    Beetle, fly fishing's #1 celebrity

    Perhaps the shortest film of all time...
  9. tomk6251

    Beetle, fly fishing's #1 celebrity

    I heard it'll be in the short film category, hopefully under 1 minute. OK, I lied, a single snap shot would be too long...yawn...
  10. tomk6251

    What you really need on a deployment

    Welcome back, Chris. Thanks for your service time, and remember, don't shoot the fish here.
  11. tomk6251

    Utah's Marauder

    Wow, another beauty, JU. Thx. but why are you posting something that's fishing related? LOL
  12. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    I will join you, Lloyd, my friend, in the fall. I too like apple sedar.
  13. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    That wasn't it, G - you didn't include the Rahway as a destination of choice...
  14. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    That wouldn't work...GB would only get into a debate with the clock as to whether it was telling him the correct time...the clock would then automatically go into snooze mode...
  15. tomk6251

    Beetle to Rahway Trout Club members...

    What are the odds that a dishonest guy would say that he never caught a trout to a group of fly fishers?
  16. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    ...and the increase was all within about 20 minutes of your announcement that you were leaving...
  17. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    Bless you, my son..from your aarp father...
  18. tomk6251

    Beetle to Rahway Trout Club members...

    ...and you will sponge that off of us, and more...and by the way, we did have a vote of no confidence, and your name come up...
  19. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    We'll all be fine...with a little help from my friends...
  20. tomk6251

    It was fun but.....

    Good concentration there, G. Now go take a rest...