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  1. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Releases 3

    This is a simple engineering calculation. What's the rated shaft horsepower of said turbines? Once that's known, a quick max can be calculated.
  2. BrownChickenBrownTrout


    Bears, glaciers, Denali, all done in a day. FISHING is the real tourist thing to do!
  3. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Random Rusty Dam question

    How prominent are the results of places like the Marmot dam removal in what's cutting edge? That was done in 2007, there should be some great data on that.
  4. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Random Rusty Dam question

    Just curious, is it "not invented here" or lack of familiarity? We've had how many 500 year floods in the past 10 years. One Irene or Floyd and that sediment load would be half way philly.
  5. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Random Rusty Dam question

    The other issue is now the "lake" would be a dead leg in the system. Lake inversions poor(er) oxygen levels and all that crap. We need people to associate "river" front as nicely as "lake" front. They've done some really neat dam removal out west where they blew the dam and let the sediment...
  6. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    How a trout sees and interprets it surroundings.

    Well considering it's from a high school physics book I don't need too. Either way it seems like you didn't understand. Student. The result is the same, regardless of reflectance (which is not the same as transmittance and a function if refractive index). UV having a higher transmittance...
  7. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    How a trout sees and interprets it surroundings.

    Completely wrong. UV has 20% higher transmission through the water column. Shorter wavelength = higher energy. I can do the math for you if you want.
  8. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Musky Help

    Sadlers woods, Bear swamp, Tillmans and Hutchesons http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_old-growth_forests
  9. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Musky Help

    Every stitch of land you see in NJ save 4 sites totaling 330 acres has been logged at one time or another.
  10. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Neversink Mountain Lion

    My point is, whether it's 0.5% chance in L.A. Or 0.05% in NY, your still splitting cunt hairs. Minuscule is minuscule.
  11. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Neversink Mountain Lion

    They are incredibly solitary animals. They have the least dense territory of all big cats, and even out west, where there are known populations there's only been 3 fatal attacks a decade. Low density, means low probability regardless. Even out west that translates to "unlikely".
  12. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Neversink Mountain Lion

    They found one in CT. So why not? http://content.usatoday.com/communities/ondeadline/post/2011/07/mountain-lion-killed-in-conn-had-walked-from-south-dakota/1
  13. BrownChickenBrownTrout


    Davy for flies less than size 12. Clinch for larger, tippet rings and barrel swivels. Triple surgeons for tag ends.
  14. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    The great Lehigh Lake, Wind Gap, and the present day water gap.

    The Verrazano narrows was once a terminal moraine. The Hudson's previous outlet was the current area next to the watchung mountains into Bound Brook. Possibly a large ice damn breach from glacial lake Albany sent a huge rush of water changing the land in a day forever.
  15. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    NJ Fish & Game fake the cover of their new Fishing Digest!

    What's next, airbrushing supermodels?!? Fuck man.
  16. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Show and Tell

    The ken Lockwood gorge from a flight in
  17. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Stone fly pattern help

    Polish woven in brown and yellow is killer
  18. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Improved NJ TP, WTS, and access data now on WildTroutStreams.com

    Thanks for the info. Those of you who complain that it's spot burning are living in lala land. There's no spot untouched in this state. If people are aware, than we can protect these waters instead of them being plowed over when no one is watching. Personally I've been on some of the busiest...
  19. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Looking for a labrador pup

    When I got my Doberman pup I went straight to the AKC club. Ended up talking to the NJ Doberman club president. She told me she would advise of any breeder name I brought her. In the end she was the one I went with. He's an awesome dog and with three kids in the house, I wanted to know all the...
  20. BrownChickenBrownTrout

    Henry Winkler, Fly Fisherman

    Henry winkler jumped the mud shark.