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    Found fly box

    Sorry for posting this so late,but I haven't fished much this year .I found a fly box in June after fishing Stilesville on the W/B. going through my car today I saw the box. Just message me the info on the box and I'll send it back to you!
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    West Branch Nymphing

    I have nymphed in the West Branch in the spring without too much success, but never in the summer. Now, due to circumstances beyond my control I will now have the free time to fish . Could someone please recommend some nymph patterns and sizes that I can try. Thanks
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    WB Water Level Question

    Try here USGS Real-Time Data for New York_ Streamflow
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    Hebe Fly

    Back in October I spent an afternoon up on the East Branch at Fishs Eddy,fishing was slow up until about 3 pm then for the next twenty to twenty five minutes hatches of what I belived to be olives were coming off in size 18 - 20 and the fish were feeding agressively I had many fish look at the...
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    2/19 Crazy Day at the Croton

    Hey Rambler,I fished the croton yesterday and was skunked I played around adjusting weights but could not get the right formula the fish you caught did you ctach them deep?
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    Hamden Covered Bridge

    Well after losing most of the season due to some unplanned surgery Im heading upstate on Sunday along with my son whose main purpose is to take some pictures of some covered bridges for a school photo project. One of the bridges is the Hamden covered bridge over the west branch of the...
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    Delaware River access advice

    Are there any good spots to wade the W/B border waters at this time of the year, I was thinking of the Game Lands any other suggestions? Thanks.
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    Catskill Flies Vs The Beaverkill Angler

    I make the the trip up to the Catskills about 8x a season an I try to alternate between the two, but Dennis is a character . One other thing about Dennis is, I had a question about a fly he was tying and he gave me quick lesson on the spot on how he tyed the wings in.
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    Float trip

    I have been looking around the site for the last few weeks and it looks like a good place to get some advice. I have been fishing for 3 years and have spent most of my time up on the Beaverkill, Willow an the Espous. I'm thinking about taking my first float trip on the Delaware in 09,does anyone...