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    At what age?

    I started my daughter about age 3 with a bobber and worms on sunnies - when we got back home from the first expedition and my wife asked her what she learned, the answer was "Daddy showed me how to tinkle on a rock!". But as she progressed, she put the worm on the hook herself, etc. and when she...
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    Apple caddis help

    First, there are a couple of different species of caddis referred to as "apple caddis", but lets go with the basics - the one that flies past you with the bright apple green body. When this bug first emerges it indeed does have an apple green body - if you want to experiment, try a two fly setup...
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    Will the market crash this year?

    Couple thouhts: 1. The stock market is up 30+ percent for 2013 - this isn't continuing, and no one expects it to. 2. Historically, when a market is up over 25% one year, the following year it is up at least 10-15%. Cycles tend not to be one year things. But there will likely be some kind of...
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    From 1970 On

    Craig Matthews too.
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    Biking and Fly Fishing Trip

    There was an article in either Fly Fisherman or Rod & Reel a couple years ago on outfitting a trail bike for this - how to mount rod tube best on frame, etc. Wish I could be more exact, but remember at the time that this would be a lot of fun. As we all know, get 100 yards off the road for...
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    high on head cement??

    Taking off from Rusty Spinner's post about a meth lab, maybe there is a TV series here. Think about it - "Rising Bad". Well meaning guide living in a trailer on the Upper West Branch starts a tying school for local kids - who begin to crave sitting down at a vice. Develops a new blend of "fly...
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    putting together the ultimate caddis box

    Any idea where to get Caribou? I checked with my typical source for this type of thing, Blue Ribbon Flies, but they don't have it.
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    Striper fioshing the flats in Wellfleet HArbor

    If you want to fish the flats the best way is with a guide/boat, but alternately, take one of the shuttles to the Monomoy Islands and wade fish, maybe 20-30 minutes and not too pricey. Go for the day at a time when the tides are right and bring lunch. Could even bring the kids and leave them on...
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    Minumum wage raise in NJ

    The reason for doing it by amendment is because the legislature wasn't able to get it by the governor on a veto proof basis, plus this let them all say they were following the people's wishes. Personal opinion, the constitution should be for broad issues, with the courts rulling on how the small...
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    Stripers help

    Have not done the kayak thing, but a couple thoughts from what others have told me as well as non-kayak comments: If you have not fished from a kayak before, try it out on calm water first to see how the whole casting, etc. thing works for you - including what to do with the line. If I was...
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    October flies

    October caddis - are there any Jersey rivers they are likely to be found on next couple of weeks? They tend to be nocturnal hatches unless it is very cloudy in my experience up north, but pupae always have worked fine if the bugs are on the specific river. An orange Breadcrust SH, a LaFontaine...
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    Cicadas 2013 A bust

    Saw an article asking about this last week- apparently they have spent the last 17 years munching on tree roots. Where trees have been pulled out in the interim, no cicadas. And over a 17 year time period, urbanization, building more condos and strip malls - less trees, so less bugs. But here is...
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    musky hep

    Was between Pt Mtn and Penwell yesterday (Wed) - water in good shape, sporadic caddis and sulfers all afternoon with no rises other than chubbs - but those slinging lead with poly indicators were taking periodic fish off bottom. About 6PM (which fits your time frame some more sulfers and a few...
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    Who was taught to Fish by their Father?

    My Dad was an orphan, which meant that no one spent a lot of time teaching HIM to do stuff like fish. So when he had us kids, he made a point of taking us fishing, although once I was an adult and knew what I was doing it became obvious that he frequently had little idea of how to do it. For...
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    Cutthroat trout

    No problem - with respect to Maryland, and at this point we are talking almost a maybe, a few years ago in Mid Atlantic FF magazine there was a story about Golden's having been stocked in I think the Gunpowder, but don't hold me to it. As memory serves, they were breeding. If you wanted to check...
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    Cutthroat trout

    Not being a biologist, might be that cuts survive better in waters they developed in. Also, hatcheries have learned to raise certain species pretty well given the objective they have - adding in another species does what exactly, other than to provide fishermen with another species they say they...
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    USGS updates

    Definitely check the gauges, but also the weather upsteam (not just where you are going) - a couple of years ago before driving the 2 hrs needed to get to Roscoe, checked the guage at Cooks Falls and everyting looked great, so hit the highway. Driving along the Quickway, Willoweamoc looked nice...
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    Stream Imrovement Project for Eagle Scout?

    My son is ready to start thinking about his Eagle Scout Project, and was wondering if some kind of stream improvement project might be an option. Eagle Scout Projects can be pretty comprehensive and usually take more than a year overall, involving planning the project, obtaining approvals from...
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    Fly fishing magazine

    Curious what online mags people like. Agree with NJPatbee and Flytire that some of the more traditonal magazines either re-hash (Tying the Pheasent Tail Nymph) or have less meaty content than I remember (or maybe I am getting old enough to just be complaining about things not being as good as...
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    Flies for Stonefly Nymphs in NJ and Nearby

    While I kill myself matching mayflies and caddis, my stonefly nymphs tend to be whatever I happen to have in my box, from whatever source. And I don't think this is just me - when I look in a flyshop catalog you are lucky if you see more than 2-3 options other than a Montana Stone or Bitch Creek...