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    DEL WATERGAP trout streams?

    I know this is old but I don't think you're correct on that. If I'm not mistaken Resica Falls is stocked with PFBC trout, therefore it is open to public fishing. The "pin" is in fact a donation and cannot be mandatory although it goes to help the scout camp out so it's good cause. If they come...
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    Which state harbors the best fly fishing?

    Where else? I'd say NH or ME.
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    Management of Trout Fisheries in Pennsylvania 2010 - 2014

    Yes money talks and the PFBC was addressing the access issue by ramping up its efforts in this regard by purchasing land or long-term access rights. Until the economy nosedived they were even hiring new personnel to work specifically on pursuing access. There are already a significant # of...
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    Scadden Pontoon

    There was a guy looking to buy a Scadden or Outcast on another site, I pointed him in your direction yesterday.
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    Pontoon Boat Questions

    As far as weight limits, I believe Outcast boats are on the sturdier end of the spectrum for pontoon boats limits. The pontoons are also made with a whitewater grade vs. 400 denier nylon on lower priced boats, so they are more durable- you will hit rocks and gravel bars no matter how careful you...
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    Fly shop doesn't care about trout

    Stay away? Are you nuts, I'm finally getting those trout to at least take a look at what I'm presenting them. Gettin' closer now I think to finally sticking one of those damned famous trout. After that I figure renting a seasonal campsite each year will be a given.
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    Increased WB Delaware 557cfs Releaes

    I was in the Hancock & Ball's Eddy area yesterday. Water temp was 58 degrees in the morning at Ball's Eddy launch. I played in the river at the state gamelands, Balls Eddy, and briefly at Buckingham. The wind was once again my reliable companion. I missed 3 fish on dries- two on a parachute...
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    Fly shop doesn't care about trout

    Coming to this guy's defense? How on earth do you come to that conclusion? No way am I defending him, just figured if you're going to the trouble of outing him why not just say his name? I know what you mean but some of those rainbows may have indeed spawned, it's limestoner so its farily well...
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    Fly shop doesn't care about trout

    You say he shall remain nameless and then drop every possible clue who and what shop it is. I have no reason to doubt you but if you're going that far in your accusation why not just say his friggin' name? Coolkyle: the LL will always have a lot of fish both wild and from the hatchery, its a...
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    Clear Water ! How Many Fish?

    What the hell, I'll say 26.
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    Need Rain Bad !!

    That sucks, I didn't see anything about fishkills on the stream report I monitor for up there. Certainly warnings of high temps on the river and to do other fishing if up there but no fish kill. We've gotten a lot of rain around me down here the last few evenings, and a slight break in the...
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    NEWSFLASH: Expert: Anti-drilling claims full of hyperbole

    Its not news, I think it was already clear to most of us here a while ago. Agree or disagree with him and his point of view but I think KF, for the most part, has pretty much been upfront on here regarding his interests in the gas industry.
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    George Steinbrenner End of an Era

    The Yankees are fine, he had already turned over control of running the team to his sons two seasons ago and they won another World Series. No matter how any baseball fan felt about him, one thing you have to say is that as an owner the man wanted to win and if needed was willing to spend lots...
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    pa nj ny fishing

    A 6 weight is perfect for smallies, especially on bigger water like the Delaware, Lehigh, or lower Raritan still light enough to have fun with them and it has enough backbone to cast the bigger flies. A 5 weight will often feel too light for the job, IMO even a 11" riverborne smallie will work...
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    Cattle Quarantined

    I'm no genius but it seems obvious to me that the cows probably didn't just drink the extremely salty but otherwise "safe and harmless" frack water directly. Rather the " safe and harmless" frack water that leaked from the well-maintained, "safe and harmless" frack water storage pond or tank...
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    Cattle Quarantined

    Reminds me of the line from Erin Brockovitch that she says as the power company's lawyer is about to take a sip from a glass of water "By the way, we had that water brought in specially for you folks. Came from a well in Hinkley.":)
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    Portland Met Ed Access on the Delaware?

    There is an actual launch? Good to know, I just thought the canoe livery's carried their kayaks or canoes down from the road there in Portland. I wasn't sure if the public could launch there. Is the Jersey one new? I think I know where you are talking about, looks new. I know there used to be...
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    This weekend

    Right back at you Joe. I'm hoping to get the pontoon boat in the water this weekend. Have a great holiday weekend everybody, Happy 4th of July. Make it a good one.
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    Fly Fishing!

    Trust me FF, the pizza at Star Tavern is really that good. It's a little differnt than typical NY neapolitan pizza though as the crust is even thinner. The sauce is outstanding.
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    Cattle Quarantined

    Those are my opinions on it anyway. Happy 4th of July. (remember, if a gas well explodes just think of it as fireworks and enjoy. jk:))